White powdery stuff on trunk

JgardengirlNovember 4, 2011

Hi all

About 6 months ago a friend gave me a potted cutting that she got from a nursery as a gift. Unlike the other 2 potted frangipani (sorry I'm Australian) cuttings I have on the same balcony it hasn't really grown.

On closer inspection I have now noticed it has white powdery clusters on various parts of the trunk and in cases this looks like it is sitting on a sore/ulcer type wound on the trunk.

I live in an apartment so growing in a pot is my only option. Could it be a drainage issue? There have been no leaves so I can't check traditional indicators of wet feet such as black soot or mould on the leaves that I would look for on other types of plants.

I live on the Gold Coast so its almost summer all year round, they get sunlight every day but not all day. I don't think I am over watering them as the other do are doing well but obviously there is a problem.

Any advice would be hugely appreciated


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its hard to say without looking at a picture. You could use a spray on antifungal. If it doesnt have leaves let it dry out and do not water until it has a leaf between 4 and 6 inches long.

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