no heat in Jalapenos

marricgardensSeptember 5, 2011

Last year I tried growing jalapenos. They grew great, big bushy plants with lots of peppers but no heat to them. Is there something I can do to improve the chances of having heat, perhaps adding something to the soil? The variety I planted was Jalapeno M Strain. They never did mature to fully red, some were about 1/3-1/2 red before frost hit. Thanks. Marg

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Jalapenos are notorious for having variable heat, even among pods on the same branch.
One technique that many folks use is to hold off on watering prior to harvesting.


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Thanks Josh. I was thinking of growing the Bulgarian Carrot next year to. Maybe that one will be better. Marg

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If you want to increase the picante, grow more picante chiles, ie, try some chinenses.

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Yes, Jalapenos are variable, even on the same plant going by ones I've grown over the years. I have been lately growing superhots as well. I really like things made with Jalepenos though such as poppers, but I find myself putting some bits of ghost peppers and such just to bump up the heat some. Superhots are great for controlling heat. Just control the amount you put in. The flavor of many superhots is fantastic and usually only requires small amounts for the flavor to come through.

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Me, I'm not one to eat things that are uncomfortably hot, so no ghost peppers for me. My line is drawn at hot hungarian wax peppers, at least for outright eating and fresh use. But, as for my jalapenos, they do vary in heat, because my first one of the year, I just started eating off the plant, and it was great. But, wouldn't you know, my family comes over, and I pick and eat one to add a gold star to my manhood chart, and it was about the hottest jalapeno I ever ate. This sucker was hotter then a hot hungarian, and I started coughing, sniffling, and looking like a panzy. Also, they do make a "false alarm" jalapeno that has little to no heat, and if you bought transplants, you may have gotten one.

So, lesson learned: don't try to put a notch in the manhood cap in front of people, cuz you might get burned.


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Aw, gee, we've had over 20" of rain in the past month, does that mean all my peppers are going to be mild (except for the ones in pots I took in during the hurricane)?

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

Try a different seed source

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Ajsmama, not necessarily.
Let the plants dry out a bit before you harvest.


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I hope I can, Josh. We had a bit of a break yesterday, but started pouring again overnight. Been this way pretty much all year (except in July) - coming an inch or 2 at a time, sometimes 3-5" in a week, and of course we had Irene last week. I'm ready to build an ark (maybe from one of the trees that came down in the hurricane)!

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