Summer of Plumeria

torqtjk(9)November 3, 2012

So I went a little crazy this summer with my new love of plumerias.

My girlfriends Father has 10-12 Daisy Wilcox in his back yard that are absolutely spectacular, all about 15 years old, huge blooms all season long with an intoxicating scent that overwhelms me everytime I step out side, especially at night.

He takes cutting every winter to control the rapid growth, so of course he pots and roots them to give to friends. I was so lucky to recieve one of these gems. After doing some research and looking at pictures of all the unique varieties, my small interest had rapidly turned into an obsession.

Throughout this summer I have accumulated what I think is a respectibale collection. Some I have aquired at Jungle Jack's, Exotic Plumeria, Upland Nursery, Mike at Paradise Plumeria, Matt at 1-stop-Aloha on Ebay, OC and LA county fairs, and neighbors who I have traded my GF father's cuttings. I notice every plumeria whenever driving thru neighborhoods. My GF thinks I'm sick. But I love it!

Here is a list of what i have so far:

Daisy Wilcox

Kaneohe Sunburst

Penang Peach

Del Ray Peach



Kauka Wilder

JJ Purple Jack

JJ Firestorm


Candy Stripe


Paul Wiessich

Some I rooted myself, others bought rooted.

Anyone know what the chances of inflos blooming in the second season after being rooted? I cant wait to see what these ladies can produce.

Here is a pic of the smaller ones

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Tor..

Welcome to the Plumeria Forum!!!

I would say that you have a wonderful collection already..

Sounds like you have the :addiction" SO welcome.. ;-)

Have you heard about the "eye allergy" They have eye drops for our partners that think we have issues with our love of these gems.. When they start to have eye "twitches" LOl.. give them the eye drops to help their symptoms of this eye rolling issue. HAA!!

Ok.. back to your beauties! I love my Daisy WIlcox and it is a stunning tree. I think you will have a great chance to see inflos on your trees next year especially if you are in Southern Cal?

All of your trees look really healthy. Congratulation on doing a great job with all of these wonderful varieties too! What a collection!! You have the rooting process down.. Bravo!!

Please keep us updated and welcome!!

Take care,


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Thanks Laura,

I guess I did pretty good rooting, I did lose one do to rotting, I was pretty sad about it lol (Gladys Brandt).

I've seen your collection and I'm very jealous. Beautiful plants.

I am in So Cal, so with a little luck and good weather I hope to see some blooms next year!


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Picture of Raspberry just before I cut off inflo :(

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Hi Tor! Welcome my fellow addict! LOL.

You have a beautiful collection and your Raspberry is to die for. I have not heard of this one? Can you tell me more? And the scent? Where did you get this beauty?

I am very impressed (and a little jealous) that you were so successful at rooting. Thus far I have failed to root a single cutting but managed to killed 6 or 7. I'm waiting on 3 that I potted up in Sept. My heat pad is coming tomorrow so hopefully that will help somewhat now that the weather is colder.

Anyway, all your plants look wonderful! I can't wait for them to bloom next season for you. :)

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Awesome pics!!!

Love the color of Raspberry!! Gorgeous!!


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Crazy? relative to what? I see it as completely normal if not a touch on the side of..."a few more 'll do ya".

All joking aside nice collection. Seeing how your plants are in decent size pots you stand a pretty good chance of blooms in the second year. In the off season you could plan out your fertilizing routine and buy your supply. Also review how others phase into their routines in the spring. In my opinion that will be the key for a great 3rd year.

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Weird, I thought I'd posted a reply, but it's disappeared.

Anyway, Torq, fantastic collection you've amassed! If I were starting all over again, I'd get about 75% of what you have listed there. You're going to be thrilled with them when they get blooming.

Btw, did you know that a huge desert rose snuck into your "family portrait"?

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Hi everyone, thanks for the kind words.

No-Clue - I got the Raspberry from Upland Nursery in Orange County. The smell is fairly sweet and rose scented. The flowers are only about 2.5-3 in. but supposedly huge clusters on the inflo that hang out like a Japaneese lantern.

Jandey - I don't know how my "enormous" DR snuck in there. It's probably been feeling lonely since its the only one of its kind (for now) around all the plummies.


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Aloha and what a nice collection! I too had problems rooting until 2 years ago when I learned of the egg method. I don't even have to cut off the inflos, they take right off, even the hard to root ones. I am in Ventura and keep the newly purchased on our hot wind blocked deck and it is like a heating pad underneath. I have done the baggy method as well and feel that for me, the egg does wonders and they seem to root faster. I am up to 160 in the collection on a very small lot...Aloha, rox146

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