My white minis and IDing them.

NOACCEPTANCE772(8a)June 2, 2013

Yo people! ^^
Today, I am posting about my gorgeous little minis I rescued :)
Actually, these minis were not in a bad shape at all!
It is just that, their huge blooms...their profound beauty...I just went ahead, snatched it from the rack without thinking about the price (3.00 pounds) and just, paid for it. (I usually worry because my dad always asks where do I spend and he hates plants) so I blamed the money loss on a taxi.LOL
I need somebody to ID them for me.Please O:)
Anywho, yeah, they are the cutest little minis I've seen!
They got such big flowers and beautiful foliage :D
Now you see, the pot they are in, It is a repot, and I did this, repotting them in a slightly bigger pot just to see if they're doing OK, and it seems, (I planted them several weeks ago) that they are. :D
Their flowers are blooming so well and they are putting up some good new growth. :)
Here's something thou, due to the serious aphid and tree hopper outbreak in my neighbourhood in Nottingham, I cannot place ANY of my roses outside.
I grow them in a sunny window and they're doing well.

I had some minis for like, 4 months or so, growing in the same conditions and they are just doing spectacular.

I Keep the curtains closed and keep them on the windows.
I also mist them when it gets hot/humid to induce humidity.
I do this everyday.
I feed them generously, every two weeks with Miracle Grow (I've just and I water them till the water flows out of the holes of the pots.

One thing NOT to do because it will guarantee harm to your minis if you do it is bring them in, like in away from the window especially if the curtains are closed or the plant is in a shady position.
The plant starts yellowing and dropping leaves along with buds.
The only times you an move them away from the window is during the evening.
I LOVE to have my roses with me, esp by my side, so during evening, I bring them closer :)

I really love my minis. Once the mini grows big and I notice roots from the base of the small pot I re-potted them in, I will repot them again. :)
I cannot wait till they grow taller so I can take cut flowers from them! :D
I love my cute little minis.
Once, I had minis and they all died of root rot.
Like in, the plant kept rotting under the soil and the plant above was drying out no matter how much I watered it.
The best way to rescue roses in this situation is to cut off all healthy stems and preserve them to make cuttings then pull out the rest of the mini and replace the soil.
You have to replace the soil because this root rot is a fungal disease.
It stays in the spot.
This is what happens when you leave are spaces/pockets in soil, under the roots of your plant.
It becomes moist, cool and dark.Perfect growing conditions for fungi.

Thanks -^^- ...

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The new pot I put them in:
Don't thy look so adorable????? -^^-

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seil zone 6b MI

I can't ID them for you but they look healthy and happy for inside roses. As a rule roses hate being indoors and will always be happier planted outside in the ground where they can really show their stuff!

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Thanks Seil!

Unfortunately, my home has no ground to plant them in.All concrete. :-(

and with the aphid epidemic, I am so worried for them. :(


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I have a white Wal Mart mini that I have identified as Escamo from the Kordana series of mini's. Grows like a weed and has beautiful, slightly larger creamy white blooms. Check out the Kordana mini's on you're computer and see if it matchs up with anything they have.

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OMG, Thanks, Ken!
It is an Eskimo Kordana! :D
Grows like a weed is good news to me, for I would like lots of flowers for vases. :D

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