49 degrees!

beachplant(9b)November 13, 2012

BRRR! I moved the plumeria from the back deck to the front deck yesterday to get them out of the wind. The last cold front cause about 1/2 of the plumeria on the back deck to start losing leaves. The temps went back in upper 80's so they are now all getting new leaves. Only the plumeria on the upper back deck were affected by the cold, they get the full force of that north wind as the deck is on the north side of the house.

Charlotte Ebert is blooming, as are 2 rainbow and lurline cuttings.

It is supposed to be back in the upper 70's by the weekend. I know most people force their plumeria into dormancy but I let mine grow as long as they can dragging them in only when a hard freeze is predicted then dragging them back out the next morning. Some will end up in storage when I get tired of dragging the bigger plants in and out.

Stay warm ya'll! I had to put on socks today!

Tally HO!

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Socks and long pants....SoCal winters are sure tough.

Some folks are even wearing coats!

As a Chicago native, I find some of the comments from
the SoCal natives amusing. Understandable. But when
you've come from an area where zero degrees is common,
it's amusing to hear someone say how cold it is and it's
around 40 degrees.

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Here in Austin we've been getting down below 40 the last couple of nights - all of my plants are inside now. I can't drag them in and out anymore this season, they're in to stay. Seedlings & certain plants in the room with the lights, larger plants in the garage. It's pretty darn snug in the plumie room, still have to squeeze some adenium seedlings in there too.

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So. Cal summers are too dang cold for me. 56 in August in LA, really? I couldn't wait to get back to Texas LOL!

Stay warm everyone and if you are in the Beaumont are Tex Norwood is having a big plumeria sale this weekend, then he is dragging all his indoors and running off to Florida. I need to check and see if Emerson has moved his indoors or not. This is a great time to get some good buys.
Tally HO!

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