Roses have so many problems, mildew, brown leaves....

LauraTHJune 7, 2011


I have three plants of roses i dont no what name they are i had them as a gift.

They are 3years oldd, last year i left them with my parents because a went to school in england and they were almost killed when i came home! i saved them and cut them back for the winter, this year they started beautifull but now eveything is going wrong and i dont know how to save them, i have them in morning sunshine ( spanish sunshine) i water every 3days.

1st they got mildew then the medicene i used to treat them killed most of the leaves then bugs eat them and then the flowers started to smell like chemical and now the leaves are going brown and the branches are dying and they stopped floweres now they have one flower again but still not healhty i fertilazied them in the spring ( a few months ago) and repoted them. I feel like i cant save them anymore!

Photos here!147&authkey=ZvdkrV3gZno%24

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seil zone 6b MI

You may have burned them with what ever spray you used. Cut off anything that's brown down to green cane. Water, water, water them and do not use any more chemicals or fertilizer on them until they are growing again.

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