Mini's that do well in containers

Chaoticdreams(8)June 27, 2013

I have one miniature rose I currently keep in a container as we will be moving in a few months and I saw no point in planting it. So far it has thrived; Chasing Rainbows (Pieces of Eight it's also called). I personally love this plant and the blooms are numerous and gorgeous so far.

My friend really likes it too, but the seller I purchased it from no longer has it in stock. As a house warming gift for her new place, I was thinking about getting her a miniature rose to put on her balcony. (It's an east facing balcony that gets plenty of morning sun, but no afternoon sun, which is kinda nice for our hot humid Florida weather.) It would have to be kept in a container and something that wouldn't get too big.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

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Almost any mini on it's own roots will do well in 5/7 gal pots. Forloveof, Heirloom Roses. These are a few of the good nurseries that carry mini's. This way you can choose what color you want. Plus with just morning sun, nothing will be bleached out by full all day sun.

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dan_keil_cr Keil(Illinois z5)

Keep one thing in mind. Minis have large root systems. So pick a pot accordingly

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I got a band from Heirloom in the spring. This one has turned out to be one of the best roses I have, regardless of type, and the blooms are drop-dead gorgeous, born singly and in sprays. It just "glows."

I apologize for not knowing how to post multiple photos at once!

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The color on is listed as "orange." Mine is much more pink/coral than that, and they don't fade...but we have very cool evenings here in the PNW.

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racin rose---You're Tennessee looks very good. I grew it in Fl for a long time. It was in a 7 1/2 gal. pot. Had to move it around a bit before I found a place where it was happy. I found a place where it got afternoon shade.

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Thank you Ken! I'm a total rookie and I thought sure I would kill the tiny band when I got it. It's about to graduate to a big pot, and now that you mention it, mine only gets morning sun. That must be why it doesn't fade, and sort of dwindled as it was until I moved it. I love it to death...much more, even, than some of my HT'S.
It does get a touch of powdery mildew...but just about everything does around here, so I don't hold it against it.
Did yours stay happy in the 7gal pot?

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seil zone 6b MI

All my minis are in pots. Like Dan said, pick bigger pots than you would think and they'll be happier. Minis are only small in the size of the bloom and leaf not in the size of the plant. Some minis can become quite large plants so pot accordingly!

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