New Leaves Developing a Surprise!!

shelia__greenthumb(6)November 27, 2009

I tried to put my plumeria seedlings in dormancy. I cut

off the leaves and by surprise at the very top they

are developing new leaves. What should I do now??

They are in the gargage so they are in temps. of 50 degrees

or above and receiving sunshine through the window.

I even stopped watering regularly.

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craftymama132001(Ohio (5))

Hi, Shelia, I'm in Ohio. I cut all the leaves off my plumeria mid October when I brought them all inside. This was the 1st time I ever cut their leaves off. The one I'm looking at right now is still blooming, and it already has 11 new leaves! None stayed bare. They all have many new leaves. I guess I botched that, didn't I? lol If they want to keep growing, I guess I'll let them! Crafty

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Complete darkness will stop that..

As long as they are getting some light, new growth will want to continue to grow....Rather skimply though...

I wouldn't worry about it...Just watch for mites...At least you know that your plants are healthy trough the winter..:-)

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Thanks for the advice Craftymamma and Mike.
We have had some beautiful Indian summer weather here in
WV. I am also trying to winterize a brug for the first
time. The daylight time is getting shorter so they
probably won't receive much sunshine. I will only give
them enough water to keep them from getting completely

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Am I to understand that Plumeria's winter over without leaves? I am new to growing them and I thought mine was going to die if the leaves dropped off in the winter months. I have mine indoors in a southeast window that gets a lot of sunlight. Do I need to back off from watering and let it go through a dormancy stage in the winter months???
Thanks for your advise on this plant. I don't want to loose it.

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