Dry Beans

TVo_(5)April 8, 2011

Has anyone had any success growing dry beans here in Denver/Colorado? I hear it's actually a pretty good place to grow them and they are quite drought tolerant. I have some bare spots (by the road) and I would love to cultivate them a bit and they're just sitting there being dry gross earth. I would love to put a big big patch of dry beans (which I love to slow cook) out there and since they are drought tolerant I would be able to go easy on watering them.


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I don't do it myself, but have friends who grow an assortment of bush beans to dry, and I've been given samples of their handiwork. This is good stuff - like anything else homegrown, dried beans taste remarkably better than store-bought ones. I'd say go for it, but keep in mind that eating them at "shelly bean' stage is a real treat.

This year I did buy seed for black-eyed peas, because if I can catch them at the right moment, fully formed but not yet drying, they're wonderful.

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I planted several kinds of native beans this spring which are native to the four corners area. Yeah, beans do great around here. Not many people grow them though, but whatever. Hopefully I'll get a good crop to build up my seeds for next year.

Zuni Gold Bean
Anasazi Bean
Rio Zape Bean
Black N.M. Appaloosa
Red N.M. Appaloosa

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