Should asparagus be up yet?

singcharlene(Zone 5)April 20, 2011

I planted two rows of three different types of asparagus in the back of my strawberry bed. I really prepared the rows well with hilling, compost, etc. I thought they came up early and should be up by now? If so, wondering if a vole got to them? I saw some holes around there, well everywhere around the garden-grrr, this winter.



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Hi Charlene,

My asparagus has only sent up one straggly shoot so far. Most of the plants are still dormant. They were really healthy last year so I think it's just not quite time yet. Hang in there a little longer! :)


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Dan Staley

Very dry soil is a factor too. Soonish.


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If it's full sun, you should have a shoot or 2. In two weeks they'll be up for sure, and in a month, they'll be going full bore. I hunt them wild and they're just coming up here and there now.

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dsieber(z5 (Lakewood CO))

Wild asparagus hunting is fun.. I did it in Central Illinois and the UK . I did not know you could do it in Colo. I am not asking for specific lat long for your hunting spots but what general area of the state is a good place to look?

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Picked our first patch yesterday. It had been trying for a few weeks but each new sprout got its head frozen. They are the fat ones right now and I have been watering them the past month.

It seems an early spring, our first dandelion was a 3 weeks ago and the lilac leafed around that time. We have volunteer greens, parsnips and potatoes up.

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treebarb Z5 Denver

I planted 8 asparagus last spring. I checked the other day and have 1 shoot, so I hope, like yours, mine are waiting for this lovely rain to get going!
dseiber, I have a ditch that runs along the highway in front of my property and there are wild asparagus plants there. I'm going to check this weekend and see what's out there.
There's a lady with a van that shows up most years to harvest it and I'm hoping to beat her this year! LOL!
I think you would do well to check for places that collect some moisture, like ditches and stream or river banks.
Happy hunting!

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I concur with treebarb, just take a walk along the creeks, ditches, etc. and you may find some. There are areas with lots, and there are areas with none. I guess it just depends on if a seed started somewhere, and then that plant spread more.

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treebarb - I'm thinking bear traps LOL

I haven't seen any wild asparagus in my parts but have been told that in certain areas the wild wood weed grows rampant. Haven't checked.

I really haven't found anything useful in our bar ditches: berries, asparagus, oh well, that is what I get for living in Kansas.


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dsieber(z5 (Lakewood CO))

In central Illinois wild asparagus was in ditches most years but it was much more moist there in the spring. This year has been so dry in CO maybe I am not going to waste expensive gas driving to hunt for it.

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I went "hunting" again yesterday, there were about 1/2 dozen spears up, but as I said, in another week now it will be more prolific. Of course that depends on how cool it stays over this weekend. Flurries at my house this morning!

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I planted some asparagus crowns about a month ago and still see no sign that they are alive. How long does it normally take for them to start? I'm in Minneapolis, so it's just starting to be warm here, but I thought asparagus was an early sprouter. Anybody know how long I should wait?

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