knock me out

luvlifeJune 27, 2008

i brought a mini rose bush from lowe's last fall called a knock me out. it bloomed for a while well after the first frost. now it is not blooming at all. i placed it around my mailbox in full sun. any suggestions on what i need to do?

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Knock IT out?? sorry i couldn't resist.

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sorry i posted it wrong, it's a knock out rose.

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I'm sorry you're not getting any responses, this isn't a mini rose though, it's a shrub rose. Here's some info on it if it's simply a Knock Out, there are many different varities of Knock Out's also.

Did you prune the spent blooms off? You don't give any info beyond it didn't bloom again, about where you live, the size of the bush, the condition of the soil etc. Anything going on with the foliage, did you fertilize it, how your weather is now....How healthy is the bush?

You might try going over to the main Rose Forum and repost your question and call it a Knock Out though.

Here is a link that might be useful: Help Me Find

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diane_nj 6b/7a

How much have you been watering? How hot has it been in your area? In extreme heat, roses will stop blooms for awhile. Still growing roots but not so interested in blooming. Watering more can help. Otherwise, just wait for cooler weather.

The nice thing about Knock Out is that you don't have to deadhead (removing the old blooms) in order for it to rebloom. All of the Knock Outs in the community beds and traffic islands here are starting on their second bloom of the season, and they are not deadheaded at all.

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