What a day!

Skybird - z5, Denver, ColoradoApril 22, 2010

It rained here on and off most of last nite. A nice slow, gentle rain. Got a little bit of lightening and thunder, but not much.

This morning around 10 it was raining HARD and as dark as all get out! I figured IÂd be finding stuff to do inside all day, and resigned my seedlings to a day in the dark!

Around 11 the sun suddenly came outÂand I do mean suddenly! I swear, in less than 10 minutes there wasnÂt a cloud in the sky! I carried all my seedlings out into the sun and went outside to get some stuff done, and I was too HOT! Came in and put shorts and a short sleeve blouse on, and went back out. A little over an hour ago a few new clouds showed up, but it wasnÂt too bad out. I had checked NOAA before I went out, and there wasnÂt anything "upstream," so I figured, no problem!

Then the sun went away COMPLETELY again, and it got COLD! I kept working anyway, since I was in the middle of something (and, hey, after a nite in a National Park under a rock, whatÂs cold!) But I finally got so cold my hands werenÂt functioning anymore, and the sky was getting DARK! I got all my stuff put away again, and carried the seedlings back in, and now IÂm huddled inside by my little heater wearing just about everything I own, trying to get WARM again! ItÂs so dark outside I have to have the lites on in the house! It just started thundering, and raining lightly again! At least I got my rain gauge put back out for the summerÂI was wondering all last nite and this morning how much I gotÂso at least IÂll know how much it adds up to for the next few days.

ItÂs not really all that cold out, but with the high humidity, when the wind came up, it sure FELT cold! The grass and plants are lovin the "natural" water, and even the plants I have for the swap, which are on the "windward" side of my deck, were well rained on last nite. They should really take off now!


ItÂs lookin nasty out there now, and I sure hope I donÂt get any hail!

Gonna go check NOAA again,


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treebarb Z5 Denver

Be careful out there Skybird, watch out for lightning!
It was a great night for sleeping with the window open for the first half anyway.
Here comes the weeds!

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Skybird, your day sounds like mine! I thought it was going to rain all day so I decided to stay inside and make bread and peanut butter today. But then the sun suddenly came out and I decided to put all my little seedlings on the front porch. I just got all my little seedlings out and had to turn around and bring them all back in again. We just got quite a bit of rain and also marble sized hail as well as plenty of thunder and lightning. It looks like it is starting to clear up and move east of DIA. Guess I should get started on the bread and pb. I think spring is officially here!

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david52 Zone 6

We woke up to 3" of snow, and I had to drive DS to Durango to catch flight for college visit, makes sure he gets through into the departure lounge (small airport) and they board his flight, I drive home, and half an our later get a call from United Airlines computer saying he was gonna miss his connection and only be 6 hours late, but they took care of a new reservation. So try to call him, and Verizon is down, too busy. But he just called and said nope, he made his connection and is at final destination.

The apricot, plum, cherry, and peach trees got their blooms frozen. Still waiting on the apples, but nasty weather for the next few days.....

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Dan Staley

The north wall saved much of the veggies from the hail onslaught, but some onions got it. Spent some of the afternoon in weather spotter mode, looking for rotation and funnel clouds, none here but I can surely see how the hail got to be that size out east.

What were we saying about hardening off outside?!?


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The day started off fairly strange here, 800 miles from you Skybird. A storm moved in from the southeast. We all but never have storms from the southeast.

The high temperature yesterday was 19°F cooler than the day before. I realize that doesn't sound like much to folks in Colorado but it kind of portended something unusual was happening here.

I noticed that a storm moving out of Nevada just touched the Bay Area . . . How often does rain from Nevada fall in San Francisco Bay . . ?


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gjcore(zone 5 Aurora Co)

It was a fairly wild day here weather-wise also. It poured in the morning for awhile, got sunny, then tornado watch, followed by sunny and now it looks like it's going to storm again.

I also moved my seedlings one time too many.

All in all though we can really use the moisture.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Gratefully, no hail hereÂyet! ThereÂs another batch moving in right now. ItÂs really weird today because you can usually watch it moving in from the west somewhere, but today itÂs just kind of building real near or right over the metro area. Obviously theyÂre not, but watching radar, it looks like the storms are developing out of "nothing!" The one that hit right after I started this thread developed just south of the city and moved STRAIGHT north. ThatÂs a little strange too!

We get weather that moves in from the east sometimes too, Digit, and itÂs always weird to watch it on radarÂwhen youÂre used to everything moving the "other" direction! But I sure never heard of Nevada weather in San FranÂand I lived there "half the time" for over 3 years.

My seedlings are safely inside for todayÂand maybe for the next couple days if the forecasts are right! TheyÂre sure not getting much light! DonÂt really care if the tomatoes str--etch since theyÂre gonna get buried DEEP anyway, but I hope the basils and some of the other things donÂt wind up getting too floppy before they can be put in the ground! Wish you could bury everything deep to solve the seedling-stretching problem!

David, theyÂve been talking about VerizonÂs problems on the news! Glad your son was at least able to get where he was going! Sorry to hear about your fruit trees!

ProvoGirl, are you talking about HOMEMADE bread and HOMEMADE peanut butter? If you are  WOW! Yum!

I'm really glad for the moisture too. It was nice to lay there in bed last nite and listen to it.

ItÂs raining lightly again, but it looks like this latest one might be kind of wimping out. Hope that doesnÂt wind up being famous last words!


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The "crawler" at the bottom of the tv screen tonight showed tornado watches, severe thunderstorm warnings, winter weather advisories and winter weather warnings, all in the same viewing area. Of course, if those were all for the SAME PLACE- what a scary day that would be!

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What a crazy storm. Circulation around the low from Kansas back to the California coast, it appeared. Is that right? On Wednesday evening, some black clouds came up from due south and dumped hail and rain with a noteworthy electric storm. The San Juans are known for the late summer lightning but it's not as common in April.

I live with all kinds of natural "dangers" but only lightning thoroughly intimidates me. The more I learn about it, the more afraid of it I become.


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My little GH has a wet floor this morning. The ice water from the drive way soaked in. Yea, I had the weather too. The 750 watt heater on a thermostat seems to work OK.

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Dan Staley

We might get snow down in the Denver Basin overnight maybe today, so I went out and put glazing over some of the onions and shallots just to keep the weight off. The first grader had a fun day in the hallway after the tornado siren, I saw no indication in the clouds of rotation so I don't know why they were blowing horns, but the kids had fun and she got to show everyone how calm she is...

We'll get much rain hereabouts and I can't argue with that at all.


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It's snowing pretty hard right now and I woke up with a couple inches out there already. We're not getting the worst of it though, sounds like Monument & Woodland Park have gotten quite a lot of snow.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Wow! IÂm starting to think somebody must have transported me back "home" to Illinois when I was asleep last nite! It was raining when I woke upÂand it hasnÂt stopped, or really even let up at all since I got up. ItÂs raining hard right now, and the wind is blowing like mad too. I have just over an inch so far, and itÂs supposed to keep up the rest of the day and overnite! SNOW expectedÂeven up here on the north end! IÂm WAY sympathizing with you guys down on the south end! At least there wonÂt be any hail today!

ItÂs just so unusual for it to keep raining for a whole dayÂor moreÂwithout letting up at times. I do wish weÂd get some nice thunder with it! ThatÂs the ONLY thing I miss from Illinois! WeÂd get thunder storms that would go on and on and on. I loved laying in bed at nite and listening to the thunder! Out here youÂre lucky if a thunderstorm lasts 10 minutes they come and go so fast. I agree with those of you who donÂt like the lightningÂit gets scary when itÂs close (had lightning hit the huge old elm right across the street when I lived in the old central Denver area many years ago), but I do love listening to the rumbling thunder!

My seedlings are, obviously, all safely insideÂthe tomatoes are stretching, and I put a florescent desk lamp right over the top of the other things since this is gonna go on all day and into tomorrow. IÂm really glad I got my peas and lettuce and spinach put in a few days ago, but IÂm wondering how long itÂs gonna take for the other side of the garden to dry out enough to turn it over so I can put the root crops in! Oh, well! ItÂll happen when it happens! IÂm still REALLY glad for such a good "natural water" watering!

Stay dry, and warm, everyone,

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sherri09(5 CO)

The snow just started here in Boulder. In was raining all morning which slowly turned to big heavy snowflakes coming down at a pretty fast clip. If it hasn't made it over to Denver yet, it may be on the way...

My wintersown guys are all still outside, but thankfully I had moved most under protection from too much rain last night. I had already taken their tops of but they should be fine hiding under the tables & chairs. I've left my indoor grown ones out too, but they have decent protection & have been outside for a few weeks. Most are hardy annuals so they should be able to take it...I have so many started that I don't mind playing survival of the fittest with them. It's a tough world out there, so hopefully they'll be better for it.

I'm also really glad for the moisture. I had planned on doing a lot of transplanting & moving around this weekend, not sure if that's a good idea anymore...but if it clears up by Sunday it should be a great time for weeding - I've got plenty of that to do!!

Gotta love sping in CO!

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Dan Staley

I was informed that I inadequately informed the BH on appropriate attire today; she was out with a group of volunteers planting trees, and they are all soaked. I thought all the natives knew how to dress in Colo in spring?! I was seriously considering getting the hose out for the turf if it didn't rain soon.

Anyway, today the altimeter (barometric pressure) is very low and the wet bulb temp is too, I can see snow at Denver elevation and lots of wind overnight as that tightly-wrapped low takes its time moving out. Secure the babies tight as ol' man winter doesn't want to be forgotten just yet.


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I went in to work today in Boulder thinking it would be a quiet day of light work. It was! And, as I finished up around 1:00, I looked out the window to see that it had been dumping fat snow flakes! We had to go 25mph up hwy 119 back into town. Sadly, there had been a collision but it didn't look serious. Got back into Ned to find hardly anything on the ground! Someone had spilled a little powdered sugar on the ground here and there, but not much more. I sat on the floor inside and planted 50 peat pots of tomatoes. When I was done, I looked outside; finally, about an inch of snow. I'll take all the moisture I can get 'cause I was thinking about watering, too!

Kind of makes me think of Wednesday with all that hail crashing down in Boulder. By the time I got into Ned, I found out it had just been raining lightly all day, no hail up here. The rain had picked up later and,thanks to downed power lines, we had a quiet evening with the oil lamp glowing and a couple votive candles sparkling.

I hope this year is like last year. We had hardly any hail at all!

What a cozy rest of the day inside with some tea.


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Yep, the Monument area got slammed with snow, starting Thursday night and continuing on through Friday and today. I'm at a fairly high elevation west of the interstate. We have roughly three feet of wet snow. The piles are compacting quickly, and some of the drifts are way more than three feet, so three feet is just a guess. We hope to be dug out enough to leave our house by tomorrow.

Precipitation is good. I'm not complaining! I'm also not putting anything frost-sensitive outdoors for at least another month.

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