Odd shaped leaves?

ninetyJune 10, 2014

It may be kind of hard to see in this picture, but up near the center of the picture are the leaves that started growing in oddly on my little yellow rose bush. They are all long and very narrow. Is my bush sick? I bought it from lowes about a month or so back. It had the white, fuzzy fungus on it about a week or two ago, so I pinched those leaves off and took them over to the trash. Haven't seen it since, but this is what grew back. I had wanted to plant it in the ground out near my other bush, but I don't want to make it sick, too. Should I throw it out? I would just take it back, but the return isn't really worth the hassle.

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Can't say I see anything unhealthy, new leaves are often a different color. if you are talking about the very top growth those are stipule, where the leaves would branch out of. If you have had the plant for a month it's not really the stores responsibility to replace the rose. The rose is responding to your care.... which looks very good by the way. If the rose is a miniature and you haven't repotted it, you may need too as minis are often cuttings crammed into tiny pots and then fertilized so they quickly fill out... the little guy may need some more leg room....and there are a number of helpful posts in the miniature rose forum.

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