My first pepper video/Elizabeth Canada

flower_gal_2010(5)September 5, 2011

Hello everyone,

I did have a lot of luck growing peppers from seeds this year. Battled mites last year with my first year growing from seed. I have a bunch of pepper plants to share with the group. Special thanks for Heather sharing seeds with me and getting me addicted to peppers and tomatoes. Now I'm still a newbie with the learning of the proper way of saying the names. But I'm so happy with my container growing peppers. Please have a look at my video! I forgot to include some peppers. But I do look forward to this year swap!

-Elizabeth in Canada

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Great job, Elizabeth in Canada! ;-)
I'm Josh in northern California. Thank you for sharing. I love seeing garden videos.


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great video, enjoyed watching! wow, you have quite the assortment --- get those recipes, ready :)

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Flower Gal, great job. Video and pepper growing. As far as variety goes, you sure have that down. Only a couple of your plants would be on the "commonly grown" list. There sure is a lot of entertainment in your back yard. And please do give us an update when the pods start coming off the plants.

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great job elizabeth, keep it up!

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Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments!
I have learned so much from this group as I have been reading the post for 2 years now. I love seeing peppers growing in the gardens and I was just so happy that mine did well this year. As for next year will be so exciting! Only so many months away so start the seeds again. I'm really hoping that I can over winter some of my plants. As last year they dried out. I will keep the group updated with my pods and I'm looking into pickling and making hot sauce ect. I just love all the different kinds of peppers!
-Elizabeth in Canada

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Your plants look spectacular!

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Very impressive! I don't think I could do nearly so well here in Edmonton, but you inspire me to at least give it a try next summer. I'm thinking the pots like you use are the way to go in order to give the roots some heat in my cool zone 3 climate.

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