mystery mini...need help identifying...

serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)June 12, 2009

Hi, I found an abandoned stray rose in my new home with blackened, yucky exposed possible root graft with cane stumps of 3/4" diameter, and was 100% sure that it would be Dr. Huey when I saw brand new thin canes coming up from the ground and not the stumps, with short small flower buds on it ... Well when it started to bloom much to my shock, instead of the dark wine red of Dr. Huey I found a brilliant red reverse tiny bloom that had wayyyyy too many petals on it to be Dr. Huey... 30 petals and barely 2.5" in diameter.

Jerijen from the rose forum helped identify my mystery rose as a Modern Miniature rose... I have spent hours already, googling trying to find out what it is...Can you all help me? I still consider this rose "red" because it is such a vivid intense color but it does have a deep pink undertone to it. As tiny as it is you can spot it several feet away because the color is so bright...

Here are closeup pictures of it...

It has very pale, silver reverse petals, the white eye (once it's just past its full bloom and is fully exposed) and the very! bright yellow stamens...

Bird plucked out blossom for insects so the fallen flower is missing about 5 or 6 petals...

Everyone's help would be so appreciated...

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is it a climber? i have a mini climber called gloriana 97 which seems very similar. this one has a sweet scent too. if it is, its a keeper.

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I have found one from the web, the link is attached to see if this matched the rose you have found. Hope this helps

Here is a link that might be useful: Rouletii

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Joebar, wow, mine does! indeed look like Gloriana 97, and has the same crazy long stem shape branches as Gloriana 97, but alas, what knocked mine out of the loop was its plasticy, yuck scent... Gloriana is supposed to have a nice mild fragrance... Yours has fragrance, right?

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