RIP my sweet chariot ...

silvana365(toronto area)June 6, 2009

hello. (i'm new)

... my heart is breaking. I had my sc for almost 3 years now and today i think i've given up hope.

I had it in my cold room over the winter and it was doing beautifully!!! i put it outside sometime in april/may and we've had some really cold nights.

I did put in back in the garage some nights but i guess a cold snap snuck on me when i wasn't looking.

I also lost 3 other mini roses - which i also loved but ofcourse sc was my favourite.

i'm still mad at myself - i also lost some mini roses last years' spring and this year i thought i was being so careful.

it's heartbreaking, they're fine over the winter but spring just kills them!!!

Ofcourse the ones i'm not so crazy about have survived - warm welcome - very nice rose - but not in my colour scheme and hot tamale are both fine.

Also jeannie joie and candy sunblaze are both doing wonderfully (they're wonderful little roses too!!! :) )

(ps: all these are potted in large pots)

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Hello, also a new member. Just wondering. All the miniature roses I've grown are very winter hardy. I am in zone 5 and have had mine planted in the garden for years now and they are doing wonderfully. Why don't you try planting it outdoors and see how it does?

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