Our little secret? miniature

roseyd(6)June 8, 2012

I am addicted - every time I shop, I see a poor little rose in the back of some store and the urge to save it from dying of lack of light and care makes me put in my cart and take it home.

I only have a small yard - I rent a 3rd floor attic apartment and I've torn up the front area, on both sides of the steps so that I could become a beginning hobby gardener.

One of this month's purchases, labelled a miniature "Our little secret" ... it's very old fashion in style - from the picture - a soft white/pink color with only about 10 or so petals. When I do an internet search - can't seem to find any info on it.

does anyone know of this variety? and what should I expect from it? ... The paper write-up that came with the root doesn't even tell me what height to expect. I transplanted it into a 14 inch pot in a South facing window - and am trying to find out more details before I put it in the ground so that I don't have height issues later if it's taller than I expect.


- ps... I should also tell you, last weekend, had this same 'urge' overcome me - and bought a "Blue Moon" ... Yeah - I know. very little place left to dig - and so many plants out there just calling my name!

-RoseyD ;)

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seil zone 6b MI

Congratulations! They are addictive though, lol. If you go to the link below you'll find info in it and almost any rose you can name! Help Me Find is a data base for all roses. Enjoy!

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Little Secret

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Thank you for the info! now at least I know she'll remain short (2 feet) - I can decide where to put her. Part of me had wanted to keep her in a pot and inside - but, now that I know shs has minimal scent - maybe she'd be best out in the yard.

The "Blue Moon" is coming slowly alive in my south facing window - she went from having one 'white' and delicate cane to having 3 short ones, that are turning green - and with several mini - red leaves.

Love to see them coming to life and growing.

The "little Secret" ... she's got 3 thin canes each with at least 3 leaves... She's ready for the great outdoors if I can only figure out where to put her in my tiny li'l yard. I know she'd make sense, with her color scheme closer to the "Gene Boerner" slowly - slowly growing. Gene B looks like a mini (less than 1 foot with tiny leaves)- she's so tiny - but I know she'll eventually be a 5 footer.

figuring how to space them, when I have such limitted space has consistently been my issue.

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