Non-fading rose suggestions please.

seattlebalconyJune 18, 2008

I am on the 10th floor with a full western exposure to Puget Sound. The miniatures I planted this spring are all doing terrific except that the colors fade very quickly due to the high amount of sun, on the few days we have had sun. Happy Thoughts, faded the quickest, from a pretty orange and yellow to a pale yellow, almost white color.

Can you experts out there suggest some roses in similar colors as Happy Thoughts that will not fade so quickly?

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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There is one called Tulsa Town. It doesn't fade for me. It has the yellow and orange colors.

I have been most impressed; however, with one named "Best of 04." Even when the blooms are dry, they still hold their color. They have a beautiful combination of colors! Check them out at the link below...

Here is a link that might be useful: Best of 04

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If you like a clear yellow, Sun Sprinkles is great. Our summers are very hot and the rose is in full sun. It doesn't fade at all except when the blooms are just ready to drop. Then I just prune them off. A great performer. Never stops blooming.


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Thank you both for your suggestions. I like both Sun Sprinkles and Best of 2004. I will definitely put both of them on my list, maybe I will order them today!

Gardening on a city balcony certainly has its downsides, the window washers broke off some stems that were ready to bloom. They wash the windows while hanging from a rope from the roof of the building. I moved all the pots inside that I could but I have two larger pots that I cannot lift. Maybe next time the windows are due for washing, I will tie the stems together.

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'Cal Poly' also holds its clear yellow coloring very well, in my experience.

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