what is wrong with my minis?

aspiringrosegrowerz5June 18, 2007

hi there,

i recently bought 3 minis - red minimo, live wire and chasing rainbows by mail order. i potted them up last week and notice that the flowers have brownish edges once they open up. the foliage is pretty healthy except for 'chasing rainbows' that seemed to have a lot of brown spots on the leaves. the flowers on this are healthier than the other two. minimo and live wire had just a few brown spots on the leaves. i have sprayed them with ortho (orthene)rose spray. are they just stressed from the 'travel' or is this a disease of some sort? i don't see any mites or insects on them. they are getting about 3-4 hours of full sun - is this too much/too little? any help is greatly appreciated!!

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Stressed from the travel for one. Also check for spider mites (look under the leaves), sometimes it happens that they travel with the plant. A good spraying down with water should clear that up.

Don't spray with anything else until the plants settle in. Since they were stressed from the trip, they didn't need the added stress of the Orthonex (I'm assuming Orthonex, the combo insecticide/fungicide instead of Orthene which is just an insecticide).

2 - 3 hours of sun isn't enough. But, you do have to harden them off before exposing to full sun by gradually exposing them to sun, about an hour or two a day until you don't see any damage. If put out into direct sunlight too quickly, there can be burning.

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