pics of my pepps

romy6(9)September 14, 2010

Just wanted to show off how well my peppers are doing. It was a long hot summer here in Florida . Thank you too all that have given me help when they were struggling. This is really my first year growing and the advice I have received from everyone on this site is great....

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Very nice lookin plants.

Looks like Habaneros?

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The first pic is supposed to be a red savigna that i purchased seeds from, but with luck and my lack of knowledge who knows what I bought.All the others are hybrid habs(hirsch garden got me too). I may never know. Does a red savigna have any distingiushing trait. Couple Jalapenos in the mix too.Did not know about new mexico state and their seeds til a few months ago. Rookie

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little sur farm

im having great luck with peppers in Florida as well, banannas, mexicali, serano, habanero, bells not so much. good luck.

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We were very pleased with our Bhuts from Hope this helps with your next crops!!

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