i need help taking care of the plumeria

jerryt(z9 ca)December 26, 2005

hello there

i'm really new to this site and it's my fist topic here. i'm just wondering if anyone out there could help me to take care of the plumeria and i live in cali. when to keep it in the house, how often i need to water it and ferteliz it and when to put it outside in the garden. i will be really thankful if someone got a monthly chart for that, thank you in advance for ur help,


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if they are dormant ,cut back on water and wait for spring leaves to sprout....dont let trunks freeze until then..I use time release fertlizer called Color Star, in mid spring and mid fall

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mystwitch(z9 Tx)

Jerry, plumeria are tropical plants and need protection from freezing temperatures. As the temperature begin to drop during winter most will begin to loose leaves and go dormant. The do not need water during this time. I am posting a link to the PSA website that shows a plumeria calendar year, you will have to adjust it for your growing conditions. Many growers in California can offer better information for your climate and conditions. I hope this helps.


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I just bought a plumeria and I felt I would be able to take care of it..right now its small and needs repotting..
Where would it be best to put it? our tempertures range from 98 degrees to 102 during the summer monthes.
Should I keep it inside?
Please help!

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

First if your plant is a cutting and is being rooted it is different from an already rooted plant. With a rooted plant, in California the temperatures rise into the 50s at night by mid March and the danger of a frost is usually over. Plants come out and are given a tablespoon of epsoms salts or sulpomag and watered in a drench once. Let the plant dry out for 7-10 days unless the day rises into the mid 80s then stick your finger into the soil along the pot edge and water when dry. Do not overwater. Plumeria stems hold plenty of water and can go dry for a long time as long as the temperature is not very hot. Start a light fertilization using a balanced fertilizer (20-20-20) for the first one or two doses, water soluable fertilizers once every 14 days, solid fertilizers once a month. Then shift to a high phosphorus fertilizer (bigger middle number 10-52-10 water soluable or Dr. Earth #8 organic or other bloom blends) The even fertilizer will encourage stem and leaf growth and the phosphorus will encourage flowers. Stop fertilizing in mid September in Calif. and I give my plants a tablespoon of sulfate of potash to harden them up for winter since I do not bring my plants inside for winter. I also spray my leaves with spray-n-grow and cocowet which is like a vitamin shot to plants, usually in between fertilizing. Other good products are kelp extracts and superthrive which add nutrients, and mycorrhiza fungi which increases the effectiveness of the roots (it is in DrEarth or can be bought in small bags) Since high phosporus can lower mycorrhiza, I replenish once a year in spring. I am in Costa Mesa which is not really hot but also very mild in the winter. Hope this helps.

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Janet705(So. CA)

Depending where u r in CA. If you are able u may wish to attend the meeting coming up in June at the south coast plumeria society. They have a website u can look up.


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tropicalfreak(z10b Ft Lauderdale)

check out www.plumeria101.com

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I am in the high desert area in California and have my first plumeria tree. It has been indoors all winter and lost all of its leaves. When can I expect new leaves? It is already mid April and nothing yet. Is this normal? I have been putting it outside during the day and bringing it in at night because it gets pretty cold at night. My daytime temperatures have been mostly between 50 and 65 degrees.

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Hi! I bought a stick of plumeria while in Hawai'i (it's called a cutting I suppose) and planted it in a pot of soil here in Europe in December. Now it's March and still no roots and no leafs, nothing. What am i doing wrong? Hope it's not dead already, would be such a pity! Please help!

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Andrew Scott

Hi Tom,
You probobly are not doing anything wrong. What kind of soil did you use? I try to keep my soil mixes on the light side for my plumerias. You want something that will drain freely so you don't end up with root rot.

Trying to root plumeria during th winter months is not impossible but it is not easy either. What's important to remember is that unless you have a singpore(evergreen) variety, than the fall and winter is this trees doramant time. It is also important to remember that they need heat when they are trying to root. If you cannot keep the temps above 60, it may not even root until spring. Also, do not water until you see good leaf growth. IF your watering now when it is leafless, the only thing that will likely be growing is rot.

Last year I got a bunch of cuttings around May-June. Even with the temp being in the 60's and seventies, I didn't have any roots grow!! I even tried under lights and still nothing!

The only way I was succesfull with rooting my plumeria was to bury a whole raw egg in the pot with the cutting. I know it sdunds strange but as the egg ferments in the soil, it produces probiotics which in turn help the roots to form. I love this forum as it has helped me over the past year but I encourage you to check out the Aloha Plumeria Group. In the files section there, you will find a ton of info on the raw egg rooting method. I cannot say that this method is 100% guarenteed but it has worked for me every time with out fail when I rooted mine. Last year and including 2 cuttings this fall, I rooted around 16 plumeria!! I NEVER was able to root them prior to this and I also will say that I NEVER was able to get any of them to bloom until I used the raw egg.

I highly recommend this method to you and t oanyone who is new at rooting and growing plumerias.


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Tom, have you watered it at all, and has it been indoors all winter? A plumeria cutting needs no water until leaves begin to grow over about 4 inches long, indicating root growth. Have you unpotted it to check for roots and rot? Rot would be a big concern if it's been watered or even left out in below 40 degree F temps during the winter.

Generally plumeria need soil temps to be consistently above 65 degrees F or so to root, ideal being 80 degrees. Good luck.


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labland(Inland Valley CA9)


I live in the inland valley and my plants are also outside all year. I leave mine on the west side if my house where they get all day sun. They love the sun and the heat. I have seen these plants in baja mexico where they are rarely watered and in hot temps and yet they thrive.

Mine are just now " waking up". Do not worry. Begin to look for moisture ate the tips of the limbs, that indicates that it is waking up, soon you will see little leaves starting to grow,

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