Birgit's Locoto Pics in Square Foot Garden

catwhisperer2009(6)September 20, 2010

Capsicum Baccatum

Birgit's Locoto

Pods can get over 3 1/2 inches long. Once they ripen to red they are absolutely delicious. I love 'em. This plant has well over a hundred pods. Next year I'll start my baccatums way earlier in hopes more will ripen before frost here in Cincinnati, Ohio.

This 4' by 4' square foot garden (6" raised bed) worked very well for 4 pepper plants. The roots aren't too near the outside edges, so the roots have room to spread (very important). This Birgit's Locoto grew 52 1/2 inches (134 centimeters) tall and 59 inches (150 centimeters) wide. I highly recommend using lots of mulch on any raised bed. Don't worry about covering over your measuring lines, because you can easily brush the mulch aside if you need to find 'em. Mulch!

Thank you smokemaster2007 for the seeds. Thank you everyone who traded or gave me seeds.h

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Very nice looking plant and pictures.


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I forgot to mention, the heat level is about 40 to 50 thousand Scovilles, I'd say.

Thank you for your compliment, fiedlermeister. I'm honored.

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swellcat(7B-8A Fort Worth)


Pretty and prolific--nice to see. I have seedlings that burst out sooner than expected.

Too bad these aren't cold-hardy perennials. From the plant size, we could have chile hedges!


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WoW! That plants loaded with fruit. Very nice.

Is that a Brazilian Starfish to the right?

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