A new mini and repotting the other one...

missourigrl02(z6 MO)June 10, 2005

About a month or so ago I got a mini from my mother. There were 4 plants in a 4" pot and I repotted it into a 10" pot. Well, today I got another mini, again 4 plants in a 4" pot. I want to plant them all together in one pot. The largest I have is a 14" pot. Will this size work for all the plants? Also, how do I divide the plant up? Do I just gently pull them apart? What about my other mini that I have in the 10" pot. Is it too soon to do something like this with it? I don't want to kill it, it's doing so well!

Any advice/help is greatly appreciated!!!



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Megsroses(Upstate NY Zone)

With that many plants, you could easily put them in a half whisky barrel with plenty of room to spare.
When you transplant an actively growing plant, you always run the risk of having them wilt slightly if the tiny feeder rootlets are damaged in the process. Keep them well watered and the plants should recover nicely.

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