Should I did up my Jean Kenneally?

Maureen JandaJune 29, 2005

I bought 12 minis, my first, in March, put them in 6" pots, then, in May, transplanted them all, some to the garden, some to 16" pots. All are doing well except the Jean Kenneally, which is in the garden. It's much more spindly than the others. It has had a few flowers, and now has some small new growth at several points. I'm wondering if it would be happier in a pot and if I should dig it up and pot it for a while.

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Maureen Janda

I meant "Should I DIG up...


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tenor_peggy(10 FL, N. Fort Myers)

As long as it is growing okay, I'd leave it alone for now. Let it get settled and then see how it performs. Moving roses sets them back a bit sometimes. Only move it again if it looks like it is suffering this fall. It will be cooler then and easier to move then.

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Maureen Janda

Thanks, I'll do that. It's got some small new growth, so maybe it's just slower to acclimate - I hope, because I really wanted that one.

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