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firefly2000June 18, 2007

I had a really really bad day today and when at the grocery store I bought myself a mini rose. I know nothing about them but did some poking around and found out it is not a palace rose as labeled but a parade rose - Clara. Now I read that these roses don't really do so well and I already love it. It's white with green outer petals and a button eye, and fragrant. SO, if it dies, can you recommend a replacement of any size? I found it at the link below under blooming plants, roser, then parade.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

It is SO NOT TRUE that Parade roses don't do well. In fact, they can be very good plants. They just need to be cared for properly early on so that they have a good chance at survival. And they should be planted outdoors (or kept in an pot outdoors), they are not indoor plants. See the thread at the link below to get your roses started, and once they are actively growing, you can transplant them into the ground.

I'm glad that your plant had the name, some of the resellers don't include the variety name on the plants. Clara Parade looks nice. I think the closest substitute would be Green Ice.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to save a potted gift roses

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stephanotis_1(8b AZ)

I have 7 Parade and Palace mini roses, all purchased from grocery stores and Walmart. They are the hardiest, healthiest, and most bloomy roses I own. They are on a south facing wall getting reflected Arizona heat blasted at them all day long, and they deal with it tremendously. The only issue I have had with them so far is that I planted them too close together and today I discovered a few spider mites on one of the plants, way deep in the thorny foliage. Anywhoo, none of my full size roses have even shown a bit of the gumption that these guys do, and I plan on getting many more in the future to put in the backyard. All of my mini's were impulse buys too, and I just came home with 2 more yesterday, so I have 9 now. As a side note I have only had one die, and that was one I bought at Mother's Day for my neighbor, and she underpotted and underwatered it, so it bit the dust.

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