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coloradobirdJune 20, 2007

Should minis be fertilized throughout the growing season? I have some organic rose food that I purchased and I applied some in the spring. The plants are all blooming beautifully now and I'm not sure what the rules are about fertilizing. I know with clematis, you're not supposed to fertilize while they're in bud/bloom, but not sure about roses.

Also, I sprayed them a couple of weeks ago because they had tiny white bugs on the buds (I've also seen these same bugs on my columbine buds). I suppose they must be aphids. How often should they be sprayed?

Thanks much!

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Yes, they are like other roses and need to be fertilized throughout the season. Especially after bloom cycles. I would put down another application of the organic fertilizer after most of the plants have finished blooming this go-round.

No spraying for aphids, it is unnecessary. A squirt with water or dusting with flour or just leaving alone. Too much use of insecticides can lead to a spider mite infestation, and they are much worse than the aphids.

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Thanks, Diane. So the aphids aren't bad for the plants? Oops. I'd rather not spray unless necessary, but I saw lots of the little white bugs on the buds and thought they needed to be taken care of. Well, live and learn.

Okay, I will fertilize them when they're done blooming this time.

Thanks a lot!

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