Habanero Powder?

doublek1229September 29, 2010

Hi all,

Grew habaneros for the first time this year (In Connecticut) Had great luck as literally I have hundreds of habanero peppers. They were coming in so fast, that I made a bunch of hot sauce, and still have a lot of leftovers.

I decided to try to make habanero powder for chile and other foods. I took the seeds out and halved them and they are currently on my dehydrator. (I read they need 12-14 hours).

After that I just need to grind them up and store them? Does the powder ever go bad, or can I store it with other spices? Thanks!

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Personally, I grind my peppers in small batches. I don't know how much it matters, but, my thought process is the more surface area you have, the more oxidation - therefore, not as fresh.

I have kept / used dried peppers for a couple years with no problem.

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I think they would lose potency over time. Biggest problem I had was caking. Some people use an anti-caking agent but I have not tried .


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It takes me quite a while to use up my powder. I put it in small(used)spice shakers and add a few popcorn kernels to the containers to break up any caking before I use it. Just give it a good shake(with the lid on...don't ask me how I know that)before sprinkling on your dish. I do the same thing with (bulk)sea salt that doesn't have anti-caking agents.

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If I grind a good amount I fill a container then put the rest in a freezer bag and into the freezer it goes. I always have freshly ground pepper powder and it doesn't go stale.

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This response is probably a little late since you posted a few days ago but I'll throw in my two cents anyway.

I concur with fiedlermeister regarding the powder loosing pungency over time although vic01's freezer suggestion would extend the life of your powder. Although I've never tried it noinwi's popcorn kernel suggestion makes sense... I'll try it myself.

OK, I'll add the following observations based on my experience.

- peppers are dry enough to grind when they snap when bent (usually 18-24 hours in dehydrator for habs)
- small coffee or spice grinders work best for a powder consistency
- fill spice jars with ground pepper and place in a cool dark spot upside down for a few days.
- if no condensation forms after 2 or 3 days the powder is dry it's OK to store in a spice cupboard. If not, bag and freeze.



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I run my pods through a food processor to get it chunky so my spice grinder has an easier time making the fine powder.
I usually freeze the chunked pods and grind small amounts at a time when I make a rub or whatever.

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