Sort of confusing sometimes!

limequillaJuly 6, 2006

Hi all-

Are the miniature roses at the grocery store the same as miniature garden roses? Could I start out with those?


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I do I have had good results just planting them in the ground.

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Thanks, Jan. Too bad you're in zone 9. LOL! You can probably plunk down any rose and have it live!

Besides hardiness, do they end up looking like miniature roses? Or do they look like miniature grocery store roses? In other words, do they sort of relax, get bigger, and get more of a spray of flowers? Not sure how to phrase it, but hopefully you get the drift.


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diane_nj 6b/7a

Same kind of miniature. They grow like a bushy miniature rose, some get as tall as 3', but most stay in the 2' range, depending on where you live.

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they grow like all the others and I care for them the same way. they bloom all the time but the best blooms are the the fall and spring flushes as are all the roses. we have very hot summers when we get very few blooms on any of our roses but they are still blooming but with much smaller flowers. just like diane nj said they grow into a small bush. I have thirty of them planted as border hedge for my planters.

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