Green Worm? Caterpillar? in habanero

sstandardSeptember 14, 2013

Howdy folks, newby here. Hope this hasn't already been answered somewhere else. If so, I couldn't find it. I looked up most of the "common pests for chili peppers" and didn't find anything exactly like this. It bored into a habanero fruit and was happily munching away in there. This is the one and only one I've found on my plant this summer. What is it? Should I be worried for this and my other pepper plants?

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Not sure if it's a caterpillar or a grub of some sort. Check with the folks in the Garden Clinic forum.


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judo_and_peppers(Tampa FL)

as a rule I always at least cut my peppers in half before eating or cooking with them. surprises suck.

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Thanks woohooman...I'll try that forum...

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