Crinkly leaves on a mini rose

esther_bJuly 9, 2009

Hi, mini rose fans, from NYC. Having just bought a co-op garden apartment where you are allowed to plant a garden in front, I am overcome with joy. I planted a beautiful if small garden of geraniums, dianthus, perennial salvia, New Guinea impatiens, mini-snaps, and portulaca. Then I bought a kit of plastic stone-replica fencing and built a 20 x 25" raised bed with it, filling it with topsoil and compost. This became the home of 2 Parade roses and 1 Kordana rose, some yellow French marigolds, and some portulaca. I don't know the varieties of rose, as they lacked name tags, but one Parade rose is a beautiful lemon-peel yellow and one is a gorgeous pink, with the buds showing a tinge of coral. The Kordana micro is a deep cherry-red.

The roses are growing like crazy, and all are flowering. However, the yellow rose's newer leaves are slightly crinkly and frosty-looking. The very newest leaves look fine. The other 2 roses are fine as well.

Any idea of what's going on with my yellow mini, and what I should do about it? I LOVE those little guys!

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rosesnpots(z8 Tidewater area VA)


It almost sounds like the rose has Powery Mildew, but with out seeing a picture it would be hard to say for sure. You may want to post a picture of the problem here or take a few of the leaves to your local garden center or botanical garden and see what they say.

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I bought some parade roses yesterday (from safeway, yes I know shame on me,) I couldn't pass them up. One thing I have learned about these mini's from places like grocery store florist, are that you actually get 4 roses in one itsy bitsy pot. So in order for them to thrive best, they should be seperated. Eventually they'll choke each other out if not provided with enough space. I posted a link to a thread started some time back, in this forum. Once I read the thread, I got the roses. I've never had luck with these guys, but i hope that changes.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to save a potted mini

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I think it might actually be a touch of the powdery mildew, yes. Just looked at some pics on the web, but their areas of white are much more pronounced. The plant is flowering a lot anyway, as are the other 2 non-crinkly-leaved mini roses. I didn't see any four plants jammed into one pot when I knocked the plant(s) out of the pot to plant them outside, and they have plenty of room in the raised bed they're in anyway.

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Luckily I got 4.

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rosesnpots(z8 Tidewater area VA)


If you find it is powery mildew (PM) you need to treat the rose with a fungizide. For PM and blackspot I use Bayer disease control. Make sure it is only for disease and fungus control. But as I suggested before, make sure that is what it really is.


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My first thought was powdery mildew also. If you just get a mild case you often don't see the obvious white frosted look. Crinkly leaves with a touch of white here and there is the first sign of powdery mildew. If the newest leaves aren't showing it, the warmer weather may be taking care of the problem for you. PM is more active in cooler weather. Rather than spraying, I would just rub my fingers over the affected leaves to remove any remaining surface spores and hope that resolves it. Only if you see more leaves being affected would I break out the fungicide.

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We WERE having major rainstorms every single day for 2-3 weeks. I have a distinct feeling that this amount of moisture is the basis for the powdery mildew on the one mini-rose. However, we are now getting only about 1 rainstorm per week, and the affected rose looks much better. It has more new non-affected leaves and is flowering its head off in lovely yellow flowers. I think I might just wipe down the leaves, as suggested (thank you!) and see how it goes.

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rosesnpots(z8 Tidewater area VA)


So glad to hear your rose is doing better. Yes wet days on end can bring it on powdery mildew. I think Phil's advise was spot on. I'll have to remember that.


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