Heat Range of Peppers

deltatango301(8)September 13, 2013

Can someone tell me the range of Heat in these Chili Peppers in order of heat

Hot Banana Wax Peppers
Hungarian Wax Pepper
Jalapeno Peppers

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Scoville ratings of peppers[edit source]

Scoville heat units


1,500,000��"2,000,000 Trinidad Moruga Scorpion[9]
855,000��"1,463,700 Naga Viper pepper,[10] Infinity Chilli,[11] Bhut Jolokia chili pepper,[12][13] Trinidad Scorpion Butch T pepper,[14] Bedfordshire Super Naga,[15] 7-Pot Chili
350,000��"580,000 Red Savina habanero[16]
100,000��"350,000 Habanero chili,[17] Scotch bonnet pepper,[17] Datil pepper, Rocoto, Piri Piri Ndungu, Madame Jeanette, Peruvian White Habanero,[18] Jamaican hot pepper,[19] Guyana Wiri Wiri, Fatalii [20]
50,000��"100,000 Byadgi chilli, Bird's eye chili (aka. Thai Chili Pepper),[21] Malagueta pepper,[21] Chiltepin pepper, Piri piri (African bird's eye), Pequin pepper,[21] Siling Labuyo (native chili cultivar from the Philippines)
30,000��"50,000 Guntur chilli, Cayenne pepper, Ají pepper,[17] Tabasco pepper, Cumari pepper (Capsicum Chinese), Katara (spicy)
10,000��"23,000 Serrano pepper, Peter pepper, Aleppo pepper
3,500��"8,000 Espelette pepper, Jalapeño pepper, Chipotle,[17][22] Guajillo pepper, New Mexican peppers,[23] Hungarian wax pepper, Tabasco sauce
1,000��"2,500 Anaheim pepper (cultivar of New Mexican peppers),[23] Poblano pepper, Rocotillo pepper, Peppadew, Sriracha sauce
100��"900 Pimento, Peperoncini, Banana pepper, Cubanelle
No significant heat Bell pepper, Aji dulce

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I can see the Jalapeno is on the scale at 3,500��"8,000
but does anyone know what the other 2 fit into the scale

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I just saw something that said Hot Banana Wax 0-500
and Hung Wax 1-15K

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I like the Hot Banana Wax straight form the Jar, the jalapeños I have been eating them halved deseeded nice bit of cheddar cheese and onion put in oven until golden brown and eat them :)

The Hung Wax seem to have a very wide range 1000 - 15000

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