Spring Swap Important Contact Info!

Skybird - z5, Denver, ColoradoApril 27, 2009

Im posting this separately to make it more likely that everyone will see it quickly, and, the original thread is loading more slowly now that itÂs so long. If somebody is just seeing this now, you can still sign up to come to the swap on either this thread or the original swap thread.

Charlene has been trying to contact everyone with info about the swap, but when she was trying to look up addresses or to PM people thru RMG, she wound up blocked from RMG! Apparently they have something in place that blocks anyone who looks up too many addresses or tries to PM too many people to prevent spamming!!! IÂve emailed the administrators explaining what she was doing and asking them to let her back in, but I have no idea how long itÂll take them to read the message, or if theyÂll do anything about it when they do!

In the meantime...............

Here is a list of people Charlene send direct emails to:

greenbean08 + 1



Jclepine + 1

sister k






h giest

You all should have received an email at your regular address! If you didnÂt, PM Charlene thru GW!

These two people she was able to send a Private Message to thru GW. If you didnÂt receive it, PM Charlene!


foxes garden

These people IÂve either found email addresses in my address book or got the address from your bio page on GW. IÂve sent them to Charlene, and you should receive an email from her in the next day or so. If you donÂt, PM her in a couple days! (I donÂt know if all the addresses I had were still good or not!)


billie ladybug

bloomingamaryllis + 1

lindy lou


And these people donÂt have their email addresses made public on their bio pages, so the only way to contact them is with a Private Message. ThatÂs ok, but I donÂt want to send a bunch of PMÂs and get blocked from RMG too, so the six of you will need to PM Charlene thru GW and send her your regular email address so she can send you the info youÂll need to come! I just reread CharleneÂs email, and apparently some of you have PMÂd her, but the way your account is set up your email address was blocked, so when you PM her you need to put your address into the message itself. I thought whenever you PMÂd somebody they got your address, I know mine is set up that way, but apparently you can set it to keep your address private when you PM people!





phloxy mary


HereÂs a direct link to CharleneÂs contact page!

After you PM her, post here that you did so she can let you know if she doesnÂt get it!

If youÂre just signing up to come to the swap now, post your intentions here or on the original Spring Swap Thread and PM Charlene at the link above with your email address immediately.

For those of you who havenÂt hosted a swap, there really is a lot of work that goes into doing it, and there isnÂt going to be time to come looking for you if you donÂt respond here. For those of you that need to, PM Charlene as soon as possible, and, for everyone, if you havenÂt heard from her within the next few days, PM Charlene or me so we can try to be sure everyone gets all the info they need. We hope to get the info to all of you, and hope youÂll all be able to make it.

Everybody, if you know any or all of the things youÂre planning to bring, go to the Swap Picture Thread and give us a heads up so we can salivate over it. And, while youÂre there, check out the things that have already been posted and let people know if thereÂs anything youÂd like earmarked for you.

Not long now! Help us make it another successful Spring Swap!


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mayberrygardener(z5a, Broomfield, CO)

I have checked in, but if Charlene can't get back in to RMG, one of us should probably keep a running list of who has PM'd her?

I had a thought: I'm a newbie, so I'm just thinking how I would set up this site. There is a specific "Get Togethers" forum for swaps and other, well, get togethers! I was thinking that that forum might be set up with different restrictions, and the planners wouldn't get shut out in a similar situation? Maybe next time we should post the thread there, with a link to RMG or something... Heck, I dunno--tell me to shut up and butt out! I'm always thinking like an end-user, and not a programmer, so my thought process is probably totally foreign to the peeps that set up GW!

Anyway, I am SO excited for next weekend, and am going to see if I can figure out how to post pictures of those sweet williams I had offered up... They WILL be in full bloom by next Saturday! Huge thanks in advance to Charlene & Skybird for all the efforts in putting this thing together!

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Shut up and butt out! Hehehehehehehe! (Couldnt resist!!!)

Seriously, I havent had time to post this, but now it looks like Charlene probably wasnt locked out, but that GW is having a problem with people who use Macs and a specific browser. I leave again tomorrow, so I dont have time to do it now, but when I get backat midnite on Saturday (actually, after I sleep for most of Sunday!), Im gonna email her and see if shes back in. I was in contact with somebody from GW and she was gonna email that person and................

I dont know whats happened since then! Now that I know she wasnt "locked out," Ill PM the few remaining people if necessary, but Im still hoping more people see this and PM her or me with their "real" addresses. That would sure make it easier. Since we dont know for sure if shes getting PMs from GW, if you PM me your address, Ill forward it to her so she can send you the location informationor easier yet, Ill forward the location email directly to you.

Gotta go for now. Have to finish dinnerwhich is getting cold as I type thisand go to bed!

BTW, I did try posting on the get togethers forum the year before we had the first swap. Nobody on RMG saw it! It works ok hereif we can get the connection to Charlenes computer hooked back up!

Fingers crossed for good weather,

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I don't have the info, do want to come, and PMd Skybird today. rrosechild AT comcast.net Thanks.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Autodidact, if you see this, I tried to reply to your email a couple houres ago, and it came back from Mailer Daemon saying the "account wasn't available" and some other stuff. I'll try again to send it later tonite, and if it doesn't work, I'll come back here and post again.

We'll get it to you one way or another,

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

I tried again and got it back again, Auto, Do you have some sort of blocking on your email account? Is there any other email address I could send it to that you could PM me?


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

OK, I got an email from Charlene saying she got the addresses for Dryad and Mayberry and has sent them the info email.

I just PMd
Laura 42
Phloxy Mary

That should be the last three that we dont have email addresses for yet. When I get their addresses Ill send them Charlenes info email.


And, AutoDidact, I still need a response from you re: my two messages above.


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I just linked to Charlene's page and sent a message, I'm pretty sure I can make it! I'll keep my eyes on my Yahoo account for a response...

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

So glad you'll be able to come, Amy! Have you looked over the list on the picture thread to see if there's anything you want earmarked?


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singcharlene(Zone 5)

Thank you Skybird!!!!!!

I talked to admin and they instructed me on a few more things I could do and it worked!!!!!

I'm sorry for any inconvenience my non-computer-techy may have caused!

Can't wait til Saturday. Please let me know if you have any questions.


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Welcome back to OUR WORLD, Charlene! Glad you finally got back in!

AUTODIDACT Both Charlene and I have tried to email you, and the comcast address isnt working for either of us. Please PM one of us with a different address to try or enable PMing on GW so se can contact you that waybut I suspect Charlene would rather send her address directly to an email address, rather than running it thru the GW system.

LAURA 42 AND PHLOXY MARY, we still need email addresses for you so we can send you the address and directions. Please PM Charlene or reply to the email I sent you via GW.

Charlene, if youre able to contact any of the last 3 above, let me know, and if I do, Ill let you know.

The weather reports now are for mid 60's to 70, depending on whos doing the forecasting, but still only a slight chance for rain, so still sounding pretty good!

See you all Saturday,

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laura_42(4b-5a Colorado)

Eeeep, sorry I've been away from the forum the past week. Sending my info now....

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phloxy_mary(5 Lafayette)

I'm sorry everyone! Life got hold of me and it's just starting to release its grip! I didn't make it to the Swap and I haven't been on the forum for weeks! But I'm here now. I apologize for being a flake on the Swap!

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