Where are some of our other plumeria friends?

jandey1(TX8)December 1, 2012

I haven't seen Stuart, Dewaine, Alex, Wendy or Brian post here in a while. There are probably several others I'm not thinking of immediately.

Hope you all are okay! Please let us know if you're around.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Jen, Great thoughts!!

I was wondering bout Greg in Florida too! We miss YOU!!!

Purdee...sigh... :-) Nice to see you too!



Jen Labland?

James? Miss you too.. have lots to catch on with you!

Bud, if you are reading this.. i miss you too!

All of you are wonderful people!!!

God Bless you all and we are all thinking of you!!!

Thanks Jen for this post!!

Mike Myer.. where are you..Josh? AL?

Miss you all...



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A lot of us are also active on the Facebook Plumeria Addicts group. No slowdown in posting over there.

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Laura, I did mean Greg when I wrote Brian, lol! Brian I've seen around, and Meyermike, too. Sunseeker I've heard from recently. Diana posted not too long ago.

Del, thanks for the heads-up.

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The Facebook group is cool as it's worldwide. Lots of pics of plumies in Malaysia, Thailand, Europe, and of course Australia is just starting spring so they are just starting to bloom. Lots of experimentation on best ways to callus and root plumies.

Between this site and over there, it keeps me pretty busy. lol

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plumie_girl(9b SoCal HD)

I see most of the MIA's on fb on Plumeria Addicts, Plumeria Growers & Plumeria Sales. Pretty interesting stuff and it is much easier to post and access. I check in here once a week but hasn't been much action since the cold weather set in.
Plumeria Addicts even had a Secret Santa Plumeria gifting. Kind of fun. :0)


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Yeah, there are tons of pictures also. I love that Shooting Star the guy in Italy is selling. I want to see how much it is next Spring.

There's also maybe 30-50 posts a day in the different groups. Pretty busy.

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Hey Jen, thanks for thinking of me! I too am guilty of straying to the FB pages; just so easy. But I've been busy starting my own little plumie business (selling locally in farmers markets) so between the processing of cuttings, bagging and potting, my forum/FB time has been very limited. I miss this family though!

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I'm popping in and out here, mostly just lurking lately but you are all never far from my mind! LOL! So, I've just been busy, here's a little bit of what I'm up to.

We hosted Thanksgiving at our house and that was a lot of work!!!

My boyfriend's brother got married & he was in the wedding and I was last minute wedding coordinator.

I've been looking for a new job for the past few months and over the last few weeks I've had three interviews at a new place. This has been a little time consuming with research and preparations, etc. but the great news is I've been offered the job! I've done my drug testing and now just waiting for them to finish background check & employment verification and then I'm set to start on December 17th! This is very exciting, as this offers me much better pay, better benefits, more holidays, everything!

Because the nights were getting a little chilly for a minute here, I brought all of my plants inside thinking it was time, and also that it might give me a bit of a break. Well, I don't find this to be the case. I have a few of my plants in the garage, but the majority of them are in my 'plant room' under two 4ft 4 bulb T5's.

The weather has been so warm here my plants are really confused. I remember telling Laura that my plants knew it was winter and they wanted to go to sleep - well that didn't last long - they got into kind of this weird half state, where they weren't going dormant but they weren't looking so hot either. When we changed time, the light in our back yard shifted so significantly that the plants weren't getting much sun. So I thought they would do better going dormant, but some days they just look like they haven't been watered in a really long time, which actually, they haven't. I hope they're ok like that! I just worry that it's too warm for them to go fully dormant? Or will they go dormant once the leaves fall off? Or am I just making them die of thirst? LOL!

So, now for the inside ones. So far we're doing good on the insect population, knock on wood. However, plants need this strange stuff called water, and no matter how much I try to only put a little water in them the water runs straight out and onto the table and the floor. So, I have been doing a few plants at a time, taking them into the guest bathroom, putting them in the tub, watering them and then the next day they can be moved back to the table. This is a full time, constant rotation. I've been slacking on it due to the other stuff and some of the plants really need to be watered! Some of them are losing their leaves but many are doing great and even growing some new bright green leaves! Should I be giving the plants under the lights some fertilizer?

Goldilocks. She is rooting! I think I potted this one on 9/21 or right around there. I got a full leaf and a few small leaf starts and then she kind of stalled for a bit. Now I'm seeing another full leaf opening and a lot of smaller leaves that are growing and noticeably bigger!!! She stays on the heat mat 24/7, and under lights for somewhere between 10-14 hrs a day depending on when I remember to turn them off, I guess I could use a timer. The Bali Palace is doing well and has a few leaves and the Maui Sunset is getting ready to claw I think. (both bought rooted but stripped of leaves).

Ok, so that's what's new with me, I hope to find the energy to take & post some photos soon! I hope you're all doing well my friends! :)

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Emily, think I need a nap after reading that. Goodness!
Congrats on the new job!! What a wonderful Christmas gift. Hoping you at least scored a plumeria gift certificate for that impromptu wedding coordinator act.

The watering act seems a bit much, yikes. good luck, Emily!

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E, I figured you must have been busy with life and your 6000 seedlings, lol. Best of luck on the new job--way to go!!

Some of mine are definitely still needing water, both the half dozen outside and the mumble-mumble dozen inside. The air's been dry so I don't think you need to worry too much about rot yet. The only ones I'm not watering are those in the garage since it's much cooler in there, and they look so sad I might just give them some, too.

Thanks for checking in guys! I just worry when I don't see some of the very enthusiastic friends around any more. Good to know you're all okay.

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Jen, you are a mother through and through!! We love that about you, thanks. And you are so funny! Thanks for refocusing all of us. :o)


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Takes one to know one, Wendy! ;) You guys are like family, only cooler.

Okay y'all, I'll take the plunge on one of the FB groups, but which one? There are dozens of them that have popped up.

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Minderella(9 Lake County FL)

I just joined Plumeria Addicts. Is there another one?


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Jen, I think you will enjoy.

Plumeria Addicts is a great one, I also look at Plumeria Growers & Plumeria Sales. Though I am warning you guys, the Plumeria Sales site is 100% trouble, you've been warned!!!

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There's also "Plumeria Tips, Callus, Roots and what they have to teach us." Not sure if they are closed groups where you need someone to invite you or are open.

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too nice to be inside!

Tally HO!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Emily!!!

OMG.. Congratulations on your new job!!! I know you have been working hard on a lot of things, but i had no idea all of this was happening.. Im with Wendy.. I need a nap after reading what you have been up too!

OK.. Andrew has been bending my arm to join the Plumeria addicts group too! Now all of you are mmaking me start to think about it.. i dont know.. the FB thing still is strange to me, but i guess if i can figure out my smartphone..lol, i can figure out facebook. LMAO!!!

I just think it could spell trouble for me.. i am very happy with what i have, and i know i will want more if i travel over there...we shall see!!

Nice to see everyone!!!

I think all the moms and dads as well as plant parents are awesome!!! You are all family and i think the world of you guys!!!


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We better jump on board if we want to see some of our other friends. I did join Addicts and Growers under jandey. Thanks for the heads-up, everyone!

Tally, you're so right, but I need to inspire myself over my first cup of coffee before I head out for the day! Hope you're enjoying balmy days at the coast!

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I've been extra busy with work but wondering about Lynn, Freak, and my son Greg. :)

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Mona, of course I meant to include you in my list but my brain only functions at half-power at any given time. :) Thanks for checking in--hope everything is going well in NC for you!

Lynn is in the process of moving, I think, and I still haven't heard from Greg. Freak has popped up here and there. The other person I wondered about was Ellen in CA, who posted those great pics of her flowers in the gnarled wood arrangement. Everyone must be very busy right now.

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Been away, had a death in the family and it's taken me a while to get caught up. I'll admit that the FB groups are easier to post and manage those posts!

Thanks for thinking of me, can't wait til spring... =^,,^= diana

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Nice to see you posting Diana. Sorry for your loss and my prayers of comfort are coming your way. Spring can't come soon enough. Peg

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

I am back too. The move was tough but we're finally "home". Now I'm busy trying to finish up the yard so I can make a home for most of my plumies!

Now where is Freak/James??? I miss him! :(

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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

I am back from being M.I.A,I was in Brazil for the past couple of weeks for Carnival got back last night. During the off season I do not frequent the plumie sites or post that often. When I travel I do not respond to international text or calls unless its family or close friends or 911, so sorry if you tried to get a hold of me and I did not respond will try to get to it this week. Thank for the reach out and concern :).

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Winter MIA for me too! Just checking in and discovered the new look! I will say that I put all my plumies up in the garage for winter a week before Thanksgiving and all were pretty much bare. I decided this year to run halogen lights 12 hrs per day, regardless of the temps outside and my plants have been putting out leaves since early Dec! Hopefully that means a good blooming season this year too. Will have to check in more here. My 5 mth old German Shepherd has been keeping me busy! Attached is a pic of her. Her name is Sophia.


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

She's adorable! I love all the toys surrounding her. Our dog has to drag out at least 4 or 5 toys every time she plays as well. :)


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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Glad to hear you are aok James! I was worried about you and then I thought maybe I'm now on your shi-list! LOL.

I want to hear all about your adventures!

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James, you certainly lead an exciting life! Sounds like a fantastic way to spend the winter! Not like you're missing much in your plumie patch in January, lol.

Kevin, great to see you around. OMG, Sophia is adorable!

Thanks for checking in, everyone. Looking forward to a wonderful spring and summer full of blooms!


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