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jwhite2947(7b Arkansas)December 20, 2013

I bought this plant at the Houston PSA sale in July. It had the seed pod on it. I planted the plumeria in the ground immediately and watched the seed pod until I had to take the plants up in early November. The plant is in my garage now. I was hoping the pod would go ahead and mature. In the spring, I am going to chop the plant up and try to root the stem the seed pod is on. My question is how can you tell if the pod is mature (I was watching for cracking and can't see any) and is there any chance it will mature when I cut the limb off in the spring or should I just scrap the pod then? I personally don't want the seeds, but the plant is a confetti and I thought I might give them away if anyone wanted some.


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Hi Joan, It does take a seedpod at least 9 months to be ready. I have never tried to root a cutting that had a seedpod on it but don't think that it would help the seedpod at all. Could you leave that branch on your plant until after the seedpod opens? Hope this helps some. Have a Happy Holiday Season, Barb

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You dont have much longer to wait on that pod. call it 2 to 3 months. I would consider waiting about that long before cutting anyways. Statistically there is a better chance of the branch rooting in the spring than right now. Is there a particular reason you want to start rooting some cuttings right now?

Its my preference to prune in March and the cuttings are callused and ready for rooting outside by early April. About perfect for my weather. Besides...that seedpod may the next Metallica - Kapalua :)

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jwhite2947(7b Arkansas)

Thanks for the replies. I'm sorry I was unclear. I don't plan on taking the cuttings now. It will be in the spring. I guess I am just getting anxious for spring and started wondering about the seed pod now and decided to post. I can easily wait 3 more months. The roots of the plant are in dirt in the garage. From what Barb said it will crack open on the plant. I will definitely try to wait it out.

Thanks again.


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