OT- amusing story- 'Christmas Dinner'

kasha77December 26, 2011

Yesterday was Christmas, but we weren't celebrating it til today, when our daughter and her boyfriend could come and share it with us. So last night I was making 2 chicken cutlets, and rice. I had the rice turned up too high, and - of course, went back to my Plumeria forum reading. Meanwhile, the kitchen began filling up with dense grey smoke, and my husband quickly turned on the fan and opened the windows. He said- "get your coat, we are going out- to eat! Reminiscent of the movie, "A Christmas Story" (With Ralphie and his Red Rider BB gun) :) Everything was closed except one lonely Mac Donalds, so that's where we had our Christmas dinner! :)

I will never live that one down!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

OMG...that was because of reading on the forums?

Kasha...you are addicted already!!!

Enjoy your Christmas dinner today, and i hope that you dont confess that you were reading the Plumeria forum and forgot the rice... Then your DH will start the eye rolling and then start to count the number of packages that will be arriving at your door! LOL...

That was a great story, we all have had our share of stories because of the Plumies... Imm sure i have burned things and even have forgot to start dinner because im out in the yard tending to my trees and just "forgot" to start dinner... : (

Welcome to the crazy world of Plumeria!!!

Glad you're one of us... : )

Also glad that the smoke didnt cause any damage or fire..... That is the best news...


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Our kids usually go with their biological dad to their grandmother's on Christmas Day. One year my wife and I, left with the decision about whether or not to fuss with a large Christmas dinner, decided to make the drive north to some acreage I have on Lake Huron that we use for hunting & recreation, some 70 miles away. We decided it would be fun to spend a few hours feeding the dozens of birds I'd tamed to the hand there,

and then enjoy a nice Christmas dinner on the way home at one of our favorite restaurants on the shore of Lake Huron.

Well, on the return trip we discovered that not only was the restaurant not open, but that neither were there any other eating establishments of any stripe open - not even a Subway; and The Lord knows we passed enough of those in our little jaunt.

We ended up returning home & thawing a quart of frozen (but at least homemade) spaghetti sauce from the freezer and dining on that.

Two good things came of that day, aside from the joy of feeding the birds. We ended up with a good story to tell that always offers a laugh, and it raised awareness of our situation to the level that we ALWAYS get invited to Christmas dinner at one of my sibling's homes. ;-)

My teacup (sugar maple) tree, located on the property

and another interesting (green ash) tree with a burl

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.


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Yes Laura- I did admit it! :) LOL! I love the post that I read somewhere about the eye rolling being considered as an "allergy"! Yes, I supposed Don will succumb to allergies with this latest addiction of mine!
Al- I can completely understand you and your wife's decision to go to your retreat- that sounds like something Don and I would do as well! So peaceful and beautiful! We're content with the simplest things, they are the most precious! Like visiting grandchildren, and being with my big orange cat, and taking my Jack Russell "Max" for a walk in the woods on a sunny blue sky day! Thank you for sharing your photos, especially the little trained Chick A Dee. The trees are pretty cool too!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Everyone,


Things really are the best when they are the simple things in life... I agree they are the MOST precious!! : )

I think i will go outside and clean out the greenhouse and admire the beauty around me... also, think about what brings me the most joy... : )


Love those pictures of the property on Lake Huron!!

Those Chickadees are really amazing to be so tamed to sit on your hand and eat those sunflowers seeds!! I know they are happy to see you!!! : )

That story about all of the restaurants being closed and not finding anything available is touching. I bet that Spagetti tasted delicious!!!

Those trees are beautiful, especially the teacup Sugar Maple. I also really like the Burl on the Green Ash.

You all remind me of a Thanksgiving dinner when i was working and ended up in the northeast somewhere in a snowstorm....we only had the vending machines to eat from that night. I never take family time for granted or good food. That is why i enjoy cooking... brings us close and warms the heart!!! My friends too!

Happy New Year to you all..

Love the Chickadee...


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tdogdad(Zone 9)

LOve the birds. I did that with mockingbirds that then tapped on my back sliding door to remind me to feed them. Then my (not very appreciated) neighbors cat who is responsible for a number of plumeria branch breakage ate one of the birds. the other bird left. The cat has many violations.

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How did you ever train the chick a dees? I love those little guys! I love the mocking birds too- they're not afraid of me, and even wait for me when I'm digging, to throw them a grub or two. Our neighbor went on vacation for 2 months and just left his cats. So I adopted the nice orange tiger, and so far, he is leaving the birds alone. I hate when cats kill birds!

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

It just takes time. I put some meal worms on a small plate under where they sit. After days of that, they began to expect the treats. Then I tossed some to them that they caught in the air. Tosses became shorter. Then I held up my left hand flat and a worm in my right. Finally one bird landed and grabbed the worm. repetition lead to both birds landing and being fed. I also have come close with flycatchers but not on my hand. Many years ago I trained hawks in a similar way and they followed me around college campus like pet dogs.

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That's wonderful Al. I'd love to try that but I'm squeamish about meal worms, even if they are dead! Creeps me out! LOL! You've trained Hawks? You must have that magic touch! We live in the country and have a red tailed hawk in our yard. Surprisingly we also have an owl. I think they are enemies, from what I remember. We have an over abundance of voles and moles in our back yard. That's probably what they're after. Hope they clear them out!

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