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sarcazmSeptember 25, 2010

since we're n00bs at this, and unfortunately lost those 14 plants to the soil mites (though we did at least completely eradicate the mite problem for good this time, we hope), we now have 41 very healthy boonie pepper plants, some about 30 inches tall now, and many are showing signs of budding and have for over a week. but no flowers yet. which means no peppers still.

any idea how long it takes for the buds to typically bloom?

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Patience is a virtue in chile growing.

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williard, i've seen you post that list a million times about why they buds droop and brown and then drop, which mine are doing too. i've checked it over though and i really can't for the life of me figure out why they're doing it. the temperature in our apartment is regulated at a strict 75 degrees, though i'm sure in that room in the sun it's likely closer to 80 during the day. they have circulated air with the fan. we don't over fertilize, over-water, and they get great light from the sun from about 9:30am till about 6:30pm right now. i don't think our humidity levels are low in the apartment our else i'd be getting nosebleeds left and right. the pots are the biggest available, about 15" in diameter leaving only a few other things:

a) how could the buds even be pollinated before opening? am i just that ignorant that i'm missing something there?

b) the mineral levels in DFW water are... well, i'm not quite sure. i'm a nyc transplant and i can't drink the water here unless it's filtered and then it still tastes weird to me. the plants themselves look great though, despite previous mite damage, which was remedied on those particular plants many moons ago.

c) in regards to having too much grower attention, well, my boyfriend and i are definitely new at this, and a bit in over our heads. i'm sure once we figure out what we're doing we'll get it right for the future and other pepper plants to come, as we're really loving this.

i've attached a link to my flickr account to see some photos of our boonies - the tallest is over 33 inches as of this morning.

Here is a link that might be useful: the boonies

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