Petunia in the Onion Patch

digit(ID/WA)April 8, 2011

Okay, it wasn't Petunia; it was me! Not lonely in the least!

Yesterday, I woke up to snow, then it was sunny, then it snowed again. Today. Blue Sky Day!!

First day to work in the garden. Cultivation chores in the little veggie garden were mostly completed last Fall so it didn't take too long to get some of the onion family in!

These Sterling Whites are saying, 'Hey, I've a feeling we're not in Texas any more!'

These are some lovely Picador shallots grown from David's seed, 2 years ago. They are saying, 'Hey, weren't we 2 beds farther north last year?!'

Back home, Goddess was cooling her heels. (Don't you love the names the seed companies come up with sometimes? I mean, for a red, bunching onion?) They are saying, 'Hey, get us back inside! What is it, all of 50F?! It's frreeezzzing out here and then you threw water on us!'

They'll have their turn, out in the open garden soon!


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Steve, the thread title made me smile, because I grow my assorted onion varieties from seed in long trays, and put some hanging baskets of petunias from the rafters over the trays. So some seed falls down and I too get baby petunias amongst the onions.

I dunno if I mentioned this before, but 10-odd years ago, I had some hybrid "wave" variety of petunias in those baskets, and tried to grow out some of the offspring. So there were all sorts of varieties of petunia - leaf differences, blooming differences, flower size differences, growth habit differences.

I've kept one variety that has huge, deep purple blossoms, stems that when you pinch them, they shoot out 4 or 6 new stems, so one plant will easily fill up a 12" hanging basket, looking spectacular. I propagate if from cuttings, and get a dozen baskets to hang around the place every summer.

I'm gonna patent it, sell it to Monsanto, make a fortune and retire to the Caribbean.

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