pcputDecember 8, 2013

Sorry I've been missing in action for a while. We just got back from FL and we added something to the plumeria collection; property in FL to give them a warmer place to live. I'm going to have to learn about wintering them all over again. I think it will be frost coats instead of hauling them in for the winter. It did get down to 39 degrees one night while we were there but was in the 70s the next day.
Brian - can I pick your brain? I won't be far from you. Manuel - you won't be far either. We won't be down there permanently for a couple of years (sorry Laura).
Here's a few pics

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


It is lovely. Sniff, sniff.... I am so happy for you. We can have a party with Brian and Manuel!! That will be wonderful.

The house looks great and I can see so much potential with. The landscape.

Beautiful Sago and I love the palm in front. Is that the one you want to cut down? She sure is a beauty !

Sigh. I think I'll go and dream of Tampa, Plumeria, water, cars... Little bunnies...and all that beautiful green grass.. M m m nice !!!

Wake me up Peg, when we get there.. !!


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I say again, Woohoo! Big congratulations, Peg! And, omg, is that a mango tree in your new back yard? Your plumies are going to be so happy, no excuses for not blooming! I'll send some of my hard cases to you to rehabilitate, lol.

Plumeria Party at Peg's! :)

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Just awesome! Congrats.

If i ever move it will be Florida or south Texas. This cold weather here is making my not Happy.

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OH PEG, WOW!!! That's so incredibly exciting! You don't mess around when you add to your plumeria collection, do you?! LOL!

So happy for you!

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Congrats. Look at all that sunny space in the yard. In the spring, I would take a few Common Varieties and put them in the ground to get started on your grove. Then the rest when you are down there for good.

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Hi Peg, I haven't been on the forum in a while but I'm glad I checked in! Congratulations on your purchase! Looks like a great place. Just guessing but is it block construction built somewhere between the 40's and 60's? A lot of those are solid little homes.

Which area did you buy in? The climate can vary a lot since there are a lot of microclimates.

Most of my Plumeria have gone dormant now, although a couple are hanging on. My big in-ground miami rose is pushing out at least one new inflo. (probably not a smart move on its part.)


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Hi Peg. Welcome to Florida! Great looking home you have there. From the photo looks like you have a mango tree growing in your backyard. You will find the Tampa/St.Pete/ Sarasota area great for growing plumerias and other tropical plants. Once you get settled in....one of my nice, tall, healthy plumeria trees will make it's way to your front door. Keep me posted on your arrival in a year or so. Take care....Manuel

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Thanks Laura. You know your always welcome. I'll even go to Tampa to pick you up. I'll be around for a while more though.

Thanks Jen! Good eyes! Yes it's a mango and that pic was in May and I had to figure out what it was. Don't know when they ripen so it will be a surprise when we move in. I'll have to learn how to do the plumerias all over again.

Thanks Mike. I'm not the one that wants the move but know it will be good for the plants. I've got all 4 of the grandkids here and it will be terrible to leave them.

Emily - that's the most I ever spent for something for the plants. I guess buying the most expensive plant out there would be like nothing now :)

Thanks K that's a great idea but I don't know which one of the babies I would want to leave down there by themselves. Boy! I've got it bad :(

Thanks Brian. I'm sure you'll know when I say it's in Mainlands, built in '70. Had to make sure I was allowed to plant what I want and can as long as it's on my property. Most of the ones planted there are pretty much dormant but there is a beautiful pudica just around the corner from the house in full bloom. I'm guessing I'll have to learn about frost coats. It did go down to 39ú one night we were ther but back into the 70's the next day. I will be a learning curve for me.

Thanks for the welcome Manuel, your so sweet. Don't think I need any help filling it up. Laura fixed me up with one of those leggy ones that in a couple of months it went from about 2 feet when I got it to taller than me. I think it will get a hair cut in spring. Yep you and Jen spotted it. Good thing I like mangoes. The neighbor has a papaya, I think I see a trade coming on. For now it's our vacation home. :)

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Thanks Roxanne! I forgot you posted on one of the other ones.

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Hi Peg, good call on making sure you have full control of the landscaping! Hard freezes will be unusual in the area you are in but you may need to contend with a couple of frosts and on some years a light freeze.

The mangos will ripen over the summer. Depending on the variety, usually June or July. While plumeria can be grown here with a little work, mangos grow like absolute weeds. I love driving around in the summer seeing huge trees filled with fruit. Once you've had a fiberless FL variety you'll never want another store bought one. I also grow sugar apples, papayas, and sapodilla which all grow well here too.

Let me know when you get down here I'll be happy to share what I know and give you info on the local gardening scene.

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so cool Peg...if you are ever out this way.....feel free....roxanne

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