What am I doing wrong?

redheadat_thebeach(9a)July 18, 2008

I am new to mini roses and have a bad history of killing them, but I have managed to keep two white minis alive in outside planters for almost 2 years now, however.... 1 now has lots of new growth that is almost red, but otherwise health plant, it just finished flowering a week ago. I realize that new growth will be this color for a short time until the leaves start getting larger, then change to green. This time they are still red 3+ weeks later...suggestions?

Plant #2 is outside in a planter as well and has never done as well as the one above. Now it has leaves (old growth) that are almost white! No signs of a fungus or pest issue.

Both plants have been cared for in the same fashion/schedule, using a rose fertilizer (liquid) weak solution once a month until 2 mon ago when I switch to Osmocote.

Any help would be great.



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Hi Cath,

Any chance you could post some pictures? The one with the red new growth sounds like it is probably fine. The one with white leaves may be iron chlorosis or a virus or something. A picture would help with diagnosing the problems.


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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

You say you switched to Osmocote two months ago. Have you had very hot weather since you applied it?

In my experience, Osmocote dissolves rather quickly in hot weather, releasing more fertilizer than expected, and some of the changes you see could be due to that.

As gilli said, a photo would help us figure out what could be wrong with plant #2.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Tell us how you water them, amount and how often. Is the potting material dry, wet or moist? And tell us about the containers (material, size, drainage, are you using one of those saucers under the pot) and the type of potting mix you used.

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Osmocote is not appropriate for roses in containers; it releases too much nutrient too quickly and can destroy the root system. This could be a big part of the problem. So, when you water, water enough that it flows freely out the bottom for a minute or so, and stop using Osmocote.

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