Bridal Sunblaze vs my other roses/rest of garden

UsagiChan(6)July 5, 2012

I'll start by saying I'm new here, but I've been "lurking" for a long time. haha. :) I recently put in my first rose and herb garden with a few deccorative flowers in the back row as well. When planning I really had my heart set on the bridal sunblaze mini. My dad had them when I was growing up, so I'm very familiar with rose care because of helping out. I had a difficult time locating the bridal sunblaze, so I ended up ordering online from a place that didn't seem terribly knowledgeble. Kinda just hoped I'd be able to baby it and be okay with whatever they sent me.

When it arrived, it looked like a cutting, but seemed relatively healthy so I was pretty hopeful. Now it seems stuck on this cycle where it will get new growth, and then as soon as any of those get longer than a fingernail they all shrivel up and fall off. I've cut back a lot of it, only leaving parts that had actual new growth on them at some point over the last two months. Not sure what else to do at this point. It's well watered, but not too much, regularly fertilized, gets full sun all day, and my other two roses are beyond wonderful in the same soil.

The other two were brand new babies, own root roses, that arrived from a different site in perfect condition, and have doubled/tripled in size since then. I have a Flawless and Denver's Dream. My herbs are also complimentary and are booming with growth.

Photos: Bridal Sunblaze before the latest new growth shriveled and fell off.

Denver's Dream miniature rose

Flawless miniature rose

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seil zone 6b MI

Well I'm stumped. It looks like healthy sprouts so I can't imagine why they are dying. It looks like you don't have much left so I would hold off cutting back any more unless the wood is definitely dead, brown or black. I would suggest that you quit fertilizing it for a while. Sometimes if the root system isn't mature enough too much fertilizer can cause damage. Just keep it well watered in this heat and maybe provide some shade for the hottest part of the day. And give it some time. In this heat wave maybe it's just resting and waiting for things to cool down a bit. I know I am, lol!

Congrats on the other two! They both look lovely and healthy!

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Thank you so much!!
It has since unfortunately completely died. :/
I have however ordered two more roses to replace it in that area of the garden. I've been extremely happy with the first place I ordered from, and I think I'll just get my roses there from now on. :)
Thanks about the tip with over fertilizing and the shade, I'm definitely going to look into that for my other roses in case. :)

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