Zone 6 mini roses in zone 5, what to do???

madisonwigardenerJuly 8, 2009

Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. I'm one of the many nor'east fanatics that ordered lots of roses. Over 100. still waiting for them (next week....) Here's the issue: I'm in zone 5, and believe that some of the roses I ordered are zone 6 -- julie link, iced tea, hope and joy, ring of fire, to name a few. The nor'east website doesn't list these as zone 6, but their pamphlet that comes w/ the roses, does. I've done some internet searches, and sure enough, zone 6....

So what should I do to protect these roses in the winter? Do I need to take the plants in? Or am I wrong and are all mini roses hardy enough for my zone? Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!


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rosesnpots(z8 Tidewater area VA)

I am not in your zone so I will not even begin to give you any advice. However, you may what to do a search of over wintering roses on the regular rose forum as this has been discussed often. Remember a rose is a rose no matter if it is a mini or a large shrub rose.

Good luck with your roses when they come in.

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Let me ask you what you mean by "take them in"? Are you going to plant them in the ground or in pots? If in the ground, I think you would do more damage by digging them up to take them in. Covering them with several inches of mulch should protect most of them pretty well. If you plan to plant them in pots, then you do need to do some planning for winter. You can either bring the pots into your unheated garage, or you can bury them (pot and all) in the ground to await next spring. There are plenty of discussions about these winter protection methods here on the site so you can get all the details. It is true that some minis are more winter tender than others, but if you do a good job of winter protection they should come through okay.

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Thanks for the replies. I want to plant the roses in the ground, not pots -- unless it's impossible to do so. I have some tropical plants that I plant in the ground and then take in every year, but I'd rather keep the roses in the ground if at all possible. I'll look around the site for winter protection ideas. thanks!

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