My 'Leela' is going to bloom!

Andrew ScottDecember 7, 2012

I bought this plumeria earlier this year from Florida Colors. I love the unique ribbon like petals of this flower. Anyhow, mine did not bloom over the summer, but when I brought all my plumeria in, I realized that it was forming it's first inflo!

Now the individual buds have formed and a getting quite big. I expect in another week, I should have my first open flowers. This plumeria is very tall and I also noticed that it formed it's first 2 tips!

Cannot wait to see this! Any plumeria that is blooming this time of year is really exciting!


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So jealous!!! Wish mine would follow suit!

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Andrew Scott

Hi Wendy,
I am thrilled, especially since we are officially into winter here. I have very little in terms of blooms this time of year. Right now it's mainly Amaryllis(which I am liking more and more!), citrus which I love the fragrance of the flowers, and my jasmine sambac.

How long have you had your 'Leela' Wendy? I would love to see a picture of it. I am starting to think that 'Leela' may not be the best plumeria for pot culture. I say this because mine I believe I got this year, hopefully Laura will see this post and help me to remember for sure. I had also bought one for her. I wanted to send her one because she sent me plumeria cuttings, but we have become very good friends.

Anyhow, my tree is now 3ft tall and while the inflo was maturing it also formed 2 new tips. I am always happy to see tips forming on my trees but I would much prefer to see them form when the tree is much shorter so I can have a more compact tree. I realize that many plumeria nurseries will tell you if the tree is a compact or tall grower. My friend Sonia told me that her's was a pretty tall tree with only a few branches. She took a few cuttings of it this year and I am wondering now if she may have done it to keep it more compact.

Wendy I bet your 'Leela' will be blooming in no time, and I want to see those blooms when it does!


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Andrew, according to Diana's notes (slave2fur) this one is a leggy tree, so watch out!
"Leela aka Rainbow Starburst, Big Mountain Rainbow. Thai Large bunches of huge 5-6" multi colored flowers with thin red stripes radiating out from the
centre. Pastel yellows, oranges and pinks. Huge leaves. Flowers often twist. Highly colored on backs. Long, gracefully curled petals with a fiery yellow
orange center fading into a pastel pink. Mild scent and medium texture with an upright growth habit. Medium tree. 5.5" with curling tips on the petals.
Lavender/pink along with orange, yellow and white. 5-6" with soft pastel colors of yellow, orange pink and white. Heavy orange veining, with high petal
separation. The petals are long and sometimes twist. It grows very fast with very beefy branches, with good branching habit. Seedlings tend to inherit its
traits. Leggy."

Right now it is just a regular old 15" cutting, we shall see. I thought that about Nassau too, and now I have the world longest, ugliest stick that hasn't bloomed yet, lol! Luckily, that was before I started bulk ordering, now I have them of all shapes and sizes, which I am happy about, it is a beautiful and fragrant flower. I can snap a pic tomorrow if you like, but really, for now she's just a small cutting. Thank goodness yours is branching!

Honestly, I didn't know that about it whatsoever. I should really read the notes before I order, but I LOVE Leela. I got mine in the beginning of Sept as a cutting, it rooted and hasn't done a lot, but it hasn't gotten much time.

Tide us over with your pics!!


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Andrew!!

Congratulations of the inflo on Leela!! WHOO HOO! I know you are so excited..

I just got into the hotel from a 13 hour day and im tired, but i wanted to send you a message about the Leela that you gave to me. It was not this past summer, but two summers ago when you sent me mine. I potted this rooted cutting into the Gritty Mix and it did great. It is leggy, but i love the beautiful blooms on this baby!!

Mine is silent in the back room and has a seedpod growing from when it bloomed. I am happy about this...

Here is a pic of Leela and the seedpods..

Hope you and J are doing well and im thinking about your surgery coming up. You know im praying that all will be ok. Im sure it will be fine, but ill still send postives thoughts and many prayers to you both.

Have a wonderful night..

Wendy.... HI!! Hope you rec my email.. ill send another after this post. Im impressed!!! Great job, my dear!!!!

Leela seedpod..

Thank you for my tree Andrew.. I love it!! It did take two summers for it to bloom, but worth the wait!!!

Good night ALL..


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See how Laura does that? You buy two of the same plumeria, send her one, and she gets hers to bloom beautifully while yours sits and just puts out pretty leaves, lol. Lady got magic. No, I'm not a bit jealous! ;) At least she kindly posts photos of her blooms for us.

Laura, we're not expecting a freeze until next week, so my babies could've stayed out all this time. My car read 91 degrees the other day and we've had most days in the 70's and 80's. Definitely a little warmer than usual.

Only two-and-a-half more months and I can start repotting everything--woohoo!

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Yea Andrew !!! Good luck with your inflo. I hope it makes it for you. I'm waiting on a inflo on a noid that is 4' tall single tip so I feel your pain. You at least know what yours will look like. Peg

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Andrew Scott

So last night 2 buds opened up completely! Flower color is more pale pink and yellow but it still is really nice, and the fragrance to me reminds me of a strong jasmine scent. I just double checked one of the flowers, and the color is more represenative of Laura's pic oh her Leela.

Been a long day everyone, so I am going to go for now. I just wanted to share the good news! I will try to get a picture up but not sure if I can do it from the IPAD.


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Andrew Scott

Today I found another 1st!! I have a 'Leela flower with 6 petals!! Whoo hoo!! So far 'Leela' has nopt dissapointed!

Happy Holidays everyone!


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What a great Christmas present Andrew! Congrats! Peg

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Andrew Scott

IT has been a great mood lifter since my back has been so bad lately. I love the fragrance..not it kind of reminds me of an Easter Lily!


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