Best Soil for Miniature Roses

thedivinemsmJuly 13, 2013

I recently decided to start growing miniature roses and now have three pots with roses from Trader Joe's of all places. I am planning on ordering several from Heirloom Roses, as this seems to be the site that will meet my needs. At this point, after about 3 weeks of working with them, all of my roses are healthy and their leaves are green. I just recently dead headed their first set of blooms and I want to ensure that I'll get a nice healthy set next time.

At this point I'm using a mixture of organic soil and miracle grow potting soil, with a very light application of osmocote and the occasional addition of miracle grow all purpose plant food. I realize that I could tailor my soils and supplements more to my roses, but I have other plants and initially I hadn't planned on focusing on roses.

I live in Southern California, almost in Orange County so I have sun pretty much year round. At this point, I'm looking for suggestions for the best soil to use, also recognizing that as I acquire more varieties their soil needs may change. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I use a mixture of E.B Stone "Edna's Best" potting soil and E.B Stone "Planting Compost." It has all the same ingredients as Fox Farms soil but is MUCH cheaper. Avoid any soil with the "green beads" as they can burn the roots within the pot. I also add some Perlite that I find especially beneficial for starting the baby bands like you will get from Heirloom. It aids in preventing soil compaction and allows the plant to easily spread its newly forming root system. Above all, you want good drainage. Miniatures, I've found out, need a much larger pot than one would think. I like the plain old terracotta pots from Home Depot, 5 gallons should work well for you. If you want a more ornamental pot, make sure you check Marshals/TJMaxx/Ross...I've had very good luck there!

Heirloom bands need some special initial care, but I have had great luck with them. They just take some patience. If you order minis from them, make sure you get a "Tennessee" or get on the waiting list for one. It's exceptional and even has a very good tea fragrance. I could rave about it all day.

Good luck, and do keep us posted!

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seil zone 6b MI

Any good quality potting soil will work just fine. Just be sure it is potting soil and not garden or top soil.

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