Mixed Reviews about Black Jade....

Joluvs311(Z9 SoCal)July 8, 2005

I found Black Jades just doing some research and thought they looked really nice. I like the dark reds. I got two currently in my yard and they're doing quite well. They both each have about a dozen buds on them and they've only been planted since this past April.

While they are beautiful, I've been hearing some mixed stuff about BJ's. Some say they're unruly and hard to care for. They should be in partial shade because they're blooms are hideous in full sun...etc. How do the people who have experience with them feel?

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

I'm in a relatively cool part of Southern California and they are healthy here with beautiful, dark blooms.

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Megsroses(Upstate NY Zone)

I have about 6 of them and they are a bit leggy, full of nice HT shaped blooms, but in order to keep them from burning, I have to pick them and bring them inside. Otherwise they burn in direct afternoon sun. Even the ones in the afternoon shade don't look too good by the time they are fully open.

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tenor_peggy(10 FL, N. Fort Myers)

The color of this rose is wonderful and most visitors really get a kick out of it. The flowers will fry a little in hot sun. If it had a few more petals it would do better in rose shows (but it is hard to beat in the open bloom classes!).

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This rose was bred as a show rose, not a garden shrub. It is rather graceless in the garden, but the people who adore it don't care, since it has been producing show quality blooms for decades. Yes, the dark flowers cook to brown in the mid-day sun, so place it where it gets dappled shade from noon onwards and you will get a handful of the most richly colored blackish-red HT style blooms.


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Joluvs311(Z9 SoCal)

Thanks guys! Yeah I have both of mine placed in an area where, unfortunately, they get most of the midday sun and thereafter. So while the blooms look great at the beginning, they tend to get ugly once it's in full bloom. I was told that roses like their sun. I'm gonna have to go and prove that person wrong now. I guess I can live with the early beauties of the Black Jade for now. Maybe next year I'll transplant them into large pots and set them in the shade.

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