Phobaeticus chani!

Skybird - z5, Denver, ColoradoApril 22, 2010

HowÂd you like to have thing walking around on you??? ItÂs the worldÂs longest insect! A friend of mine posted it on her blog, and I couldnÂt resist showing you all!

Just think of all the aphids that thing could eat!



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mayberrygardener(z5a, Broomfield, CO)


Just looking at that pic freaks me out. Dude--it's on your FACE!

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado


That's funny, Mayberry! And right now I'm having some cheese and WINE while I'm watching TV, so it's even funnier than it might be otherwise! I TOTALLY cracked up when I read your post!

But, I admit, I was thinking the same thing when I figured out that what was on his face was ALIVE!


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Well, that is just way too cool! I've always been a fan of bugs. I used to cringe with excitement at the images my mind created when my dad would tell Vietnam stories. The jungle bugs were so big that when a stick bug landed on his shoulder, he jumped way up. They weren't allowed to scream or they'd be found and in more danger, but he wanted to. One guy in his group woke up to a beetle drilling into his arm. He didn't scream but he jumped and flicked that guy off his arm.

We always went back packing at the base of the Sierra Nevadas. One time, going up the trail, I saw the biggest beetle I'd ever seen, about two inches long and fat. I remembered the drilling-beetle story and instead of stopping to investigate I leapt over it like it was a coiled snake with rabies or something! I may have looked back at it while moving away at break-neck speed because I still see it quite clearly in my mind.

I'd love to hold a stick bug. But, heck no, I would not want that thing on my face. Off, I say, get off!


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I've seen some in the same genus in Africa, when we lived next door, literally, to a forest/bird preserve. A foot long, easily, and they're just like a bundle of twigs. They'd fly/blow into our yard. You'd never notice them at all unless they're crawling up a white painted wall or something.

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