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ploomerDecember 3, 2009

what do I do with cuttings during the winter months?

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

They will likely 'store' for a while, but maybe not until spring.

What I would do would be to try rooting them with bottom heat.

I'm doing that with about 12 cuttings in a bucket, with a heating seed starter mat at the bottom. I will post pictures of this sometime. The cuttings are sitting upright in the bucket, with their 'bottoms' in a bag of soil and perlite. The bag is laying on the mat. The entire bucket is then covered with a large, clear plastic bag to hold in humidity. Every week or so I mist the cuttings with a spray bottle and reseal the bag again.

So far I'm seeing a lot of new leaf growth. I've not had a chance yet to see if roots are forming yet, but I could easily pull up individual cuttings when I want to check.

With heat and humidity you should have no problem rooting in the wintertime.

Oh, these are also under flourescent lights.

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

I have stored cutting for over six months and had no problem starting them. Properly cut, leaves quickly removed and stored in cool there is very little moisture loss. Even stalks that get wrinkled will usually puff up in warm water in the spring.

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I have one cutting in a soiless mixture by a south facing window in my house. I have several in a plastic shopping bag in a drawer in my house also. Too warm? Should I keep them out side? Bob

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Bob. Plastic holds too much moisture can cause fungus to grow. a paper grocery sack is better. Heated homes are a bit dry and warm but a cool not freezing garage or closet is better. If you are growing in a window, pick up a seed mat which greatly increases root growth as the soil needs to be very warm. I sometimes water root on a seed mat and then move to soil when roots show.

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