Trying to find gooseberry plants

gardenmaid1(Lehi, Utah)April 26, 2005

I have looked in many nursarys and have tried to find a Captivator or pink-fruited pixwell Gooseberry plant that I could get....

If you know were I could order one please let me know?

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Rodknee(Z 5 UT USA)

Here are two Nurseries with the best selections of gooseberries. The Pixwell is not a very good variety compared to others. You may also like one of our native currants - Golden Currant( Ribes aureum). They are extra good and lack the thorns common with Goosberries. Good Luck, rk

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sagebrushred(zone 5)

I bought a gooseberry from a local nursery here in Benjamin/Sp. Fork(Hansen's) a couple of years ago, but not sure what variety. It's not done too well where I have it planted, but that could be due to the fact that the local pheasants like to strip all the newly emerging growth off of it.(it's now got a wire cage around it)
I also have some extra golden currents that I started from seed a if your interested. They're still not real big(only two years old) but are healthy and in gallon pots.

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I am a total newbe on goose berries, and live, down here in SW Colo, in a climate very similar to SLC. What specific varieties have you found to be the best?

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gardenmaid1(Lehi, Utah)

I only have heard that the captivator and pixwell were better for our area...
But it looks like from RODKNEE he likes the Golden current.. Which sounds good to me..

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Betz11(8 UT)

The golden current is a great fruiting shrub for this area. It is called golden current for the color of the flowers. It is also called black current for the color of the fruit, and some people call it spice current because of the scent of the flowers. I have about a hundred or so on my property. I pick what fruit I want and let the birds have the rest. Makes wonderful jam.

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laurie143(5b Utah)

Next time you are in SLC try Wasatch Shadows nursery. The have a great selection of plants.


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brotherjake(5A UT)

For any who are interested, the dark currant with the yellow, clove-scented flowers is the Crandall currant. Most currents, however will adapt to Utah valley soil. I tilled some amendment into my soil to loosen it a little as well.

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Nice to see this old thread pop up.

An erstwhile, sombrero'd poster on this forum was kind enough to share a division of their gooseberries 4 or 5 years ago, and I'm happy to report that they took, and this past summer I was able to pick 3 quarts of goose berries. Made a pie with one of them and it was fabulous. The others are destined for pies at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Muchas Gracias!!!

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