Pepper plant leaf spots

bcklineSeptember 19, 2013


I planted three pepper plants at the beginning of this summer (~mid-May), and all three have exhibited wilting and leaf spotting at some point during the season. Each has grown quite vigorously for a while, then developed the spots and started dropping leaves rapidly. This has always occurred beginning at the very ends of branches and working backwards. My last healthy plant (a habanero) just began developing the spots about a week ago and it's in the middle of fruiting, so I'd really like to solve this problem if I can.

I took some leaves from the previous afflicted plant (a Caribbean Red Hot) to the nursery where I bought the plants, but they didn't know what to make of them -- they indicated that root rot or a pathogenic infection would likely manifest from the bottom up as opposed to from the branch tips inward. I tried all sorts of things to cure the previous plant -- supplementing with CalMag Plus, decreasing and increasing watering frequency, supplementing water with H2O2 -- nothing improved the situation. The plant is still alive, but never bore any fruit and is on its last legs. I'd like to avoid having my habanero plant suffer the same fate.

I've attached a picture in hopes that someone will be able to positively identify my problem. Thanks very much in advance!

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

How are you growing them -- in pots, the ground, or hydroponics?
And where do you live?

Several things you might consider & research: broad mites and herbicide drift.

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