boppawApril 17, 2009

OK--this may be really stupid but can you grow a white flowering dogwood tree in the Colorado Springs area? I am new to CO. and miss these trees from the KC area. Anyone have any luck with these here?

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hlollar(5 CO)

Hello! First off, no question here is stupid. Promise. Secondly, since Colo. Springs is zone 4b-5b, it matters where you live within the city. I think you have a better chance of making a flowering dogwood survive if you're within the city, but less chance in the surrounding areas. A flowering dogwood is hardy to zone 5. I miss them greatly, too, as I'm also from the Kansas City area...

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

I haven't seen a flowering dogwood since I moved to Colorado 9 years ago. Is it just a matter of cold hardiness? I thought maybe they needed acidic soil like the azaleas that are always grown with them in the South.


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hlollar(5 CO)

You're right, it's not just cold hardiness. However, soil can be amended with pecan shells, aluminum sulfate. It's a smaller tree so keeping the soil acidic in it's growth habit isn't too hard. The problem is...making the soil that is truly alkaline into acidic takes more than a year to keep it consistant. I think the dogwood is worth the extra effort!

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This is quite a dated post, but I too have the same issue. I have a longing for the dogwoods from Georgia but live in denver, near city park. Because I can't commit to transforming the soil, I am curious if any members have other recommendations for trees that that have a similar "delicate" habit as a dogwood. My only thought at this point is a eastern redbud. Thanks for any ideas!

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