The Spider Mites Are Coming!

elucas101(8)December 11, 2013

This is my second winter using two 4x4 T5 lights to keep first year seedlings and a few young cuttings going through the winter. I estimate it has taken about 4 weeks for me to see signs that the spider mites are here.

The battle begins.

This year I'm much more savvy to what they do, can do, and what will most likely kill them, but it's still a battle none-the-less.

How many of you are battling the indoor grow battle?! If so, what do you have going?

I *estimate* I have 50 or so seedlings, both plumeria and desert roses.

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Hey E. I hate mites. Fortunately I havent had an issue this year. Last winter we had a bad case of white flies in the greenhouse that even spread to the veggie garden. Neem Oil seems to work great for me with the mites.


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I've been battling mites,Emily ever since I brought them in. Plumerias are not too bad and like Mike Neem oil is keeping them from getting too bad. The adeniums are another story as nothing seems to be working. I've already lost all the leaves from spraying them and as soon as another leaf makes an appearance it's got webs on it. Please let there be an early spring! Peg

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No mite problems seen so far. I started getting some rust on a Dwarf Deciduous White during that 10 day period where we were in the 30s. I had to keep the greenhouse buttoned up and was having condensation issues even with a large fan blowing in there.

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